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You must have been using WhatsApp for six years now, yet you don’t know about these 25 tricks you can do with the app. Well, here are some cool tricks for you to try NOW!

#25 – Broadcast a message.

25Did you know that WhatsApp has a Broadcast List feature which allows you to send a message to multiple recipients at once?

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There have always been things which everyone wants to accomplish before they go to their graves. It can be something as simple as learning a musical instrument or anything as difficult as touring all the continents of the world and living life to the fullest. Whatever is the reason, there has always been this intense desire in every one of us to fulfill each of these wants and tick them off their bucket list. Let’s take a look at the top 100 things you can get to include in your bucket list and do before you die-

  1. Skydive

Skydiver falls through the air

Have you ever needed to jump out of the sky, just like that and feel the breeze and wind as you tumble thousands of feet down the atmosphere against gravity? Well, if you hadn’t had the chance yet, now is the time to go for it. Go ahead and practice that leap of faith and feel the adrenaline rush on your face as you free fall at a speed close to the terminal velocity. Do keep your safety in mind though, as a huge amount of risk is involved as well.

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For a top of the line car available for under £10,000 in the UK, here are your best options:

1.Ford KA.


The little Ford KA has been a great seller for 18 years now. One good reason for this is the price tag for a new KA is now just £8,995. Ford KA is perfect for those who finds recluse in the city.

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When we stay in hotels during our vacations, we all experience a sense of comfort and relaxation in our minds, that give us a new energy to try out different things. At some point in our lives, we would have tried or thought of trying these 11 things secretly when we stay in hotels.

  1. Taking Drinks From The Minibar

Hotel room interior with mini bar and safe box

We all know that hotels charge exorbitantly for the drinks that they keep in the minibar. So, most of us buy the same brand of drinks at throw away prices from the supermarket and replace them with the costly ones in the minibar. We enjoy the drinks stored in the minibar at our convenience. We bet, most of us would have done this, right?

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Staying happy is not as difficult as it seems to be.  A person who is happy always knows to appreciate the simplicity of life and never complicates anything far more than it is necessary. In a nutshell, happy people don’t do different things; they just do things differently. Here are top 15 mannerisms of happy people that we need to imbibe in our everyday life, so that we can keep our minds, tension-free.

  1. Treat Everybody Equally


Always treat everybody equally. Never differentiate between upper class and lower class. Treat your bosses and servants with the same dignity. Each and every person is a special individual; if you want to stay happy always, you need to do this. As you sow, so shall you reap! When you give kindness to all, you will get back respect and dignity, which helps you to stay peaceful always.

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From time immemorial, a man has been considered to be more superior to a woman. However, one needs to understand that superiority is not based on gender but one one’s actions. If you are a true man, you should be able to do these 20 things listed below. Once you have done all these, you can give yourself a pat on your back and claim proudly that you are indeed a man!

  1. Respect Women

Man comforting his sad mourning friend

The first and foremost quality of a man is to respect the women in his life and all other women that he encounters in his day to day affairs. Respect doesn’t mean succumbing to them. It simply means to give importance to their emotions and stand up for them when they need you. A true man would never raise his hand against any woman in the world.

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College students are the most net-savvy these days. They seem to know a lot of apps that will help them in their education, and they use technology in the best possible way to communicate with their counterparts in different parts of the globe, for their better prospects.

There are many technical gadgets that have been launched in the market, with these college students as the target audience. Tablets are one of them. If you have been thinking of buying laptops for yourself, it is probably because you didn’t know that tablets could be more powerful and useful for you than laptops. Here are three prime reasons as to why you need to choose tablets over laptops.


As a college student, you wouldn’t want to do too much of graphical or technical stuff on your technical gadget. You might do a lot of typing work on MS Office files, and you may use your emails for sending content to your college/friends/peer. For these kinds of jobs, tablets are more than enough. What’s more, they are quite fashionable and portable as well, adding to your style of dressing too.

The battery power is more than reasonable, and hence, you can do a lot of work on your tablets than your laptops. Wouldn’t you love to have a portable gadget that is absolutely sleek and flaunt it among your friends? Tablets are perfect for this. With the launch of some excellent models like A7 Chip from Apple, Snapdragon 800 from Qualcomm and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, college students are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a good tablet.

Apart from their attractive features, they come with a broad range of software that favors education and related activities, which help students in the long run. These tablets are coming with lots of advanced features that go beyond just Microsoft Office and related tools. The apps on these tablets are compatible for iOS and Android Platforms as well.

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With the advent of technology, it has now become easy to take excellent quality pictures with your smartphones. You don’t need high-definition cameras for the same. Check out these tips below to know how you can take great pictures.

  1. Candid photos are the best

Candid-photos-are-the-bestPhotography is all about catching emotions at the spur of the moment. This is possible when you take candid shots. Take natural pictures of your subjects, so that you find every single nuance of their expressions. Casual shots like the whole-hearted laugh, baby’s expressions, dad wiping his tear at his daughter’s wedding, etc. are pictures that can give you memories for a lifetime.

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Technology has been growing at a phenomenal speed these days. What could be more valid proof for this than an LED light bulb it’s being able to provide data transmission facility at the rate of 224 gigabytes per second? It is shocking, isn’t it?

Welcome to the new-age era of Li-Fi – this will use VLC (Visible Light Communication) technology to transmit data at a speed that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. With this technology, now, our LED light bulbs will only give us effective lighting solutions at our homes and offices, but will also provide us with incredible internet speeds, through which, we can do our work far more effectively than our current rate.

Launch and technology behind it


It was way back in 2011 that Li-Fi technology was launched by Harald Haas from Edinburgh University, Scotland. He came up with the new concept that the flickering of LED light bulbs can be used to transmit data at amazing speeds.

He proved his technology by fitting a microchip to an LED bulb. Once the LED light bulb flickered, data transmission that happened in a second was many times higher than what an entire tower could provide. He realized that he had the potential to create a revolution in the internet world and has been actively propagating this concept since then.

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Mobile app designers often design applications for the purposes of marketing businesses. Like any other craft, designing mobile apps requires the designer to use the latest techniques that will appeal to the prospective users in the market. Mobile apps design takes some step and they include the following.

Steps in Designing Mobile Apps

Digital composite of hand holding smartphone with app icons and business partners behind
How to design a mobile app in detailed version

Check List

Promoting the business and generating leads are some of the main reasons people come up with apps. The following includes the steps taken by designers in the creation of apps:

  • Conducting market research
  • Creation of ideas
  • Building the App
  • Developer’s Registration
  • Testing the App
  • Marketing the App
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Market Research

Future worker

Before designing a mobile app, developers should begin by conducting a market research. The research helps developers understand the situation in the market and users’ needs. At this point, developers identify the kind of audience they intend to reach. The possible threats and risks, competitors, and opportunities come out at this stage so that the app does not consume resources in vain. In addition, developers will also identify the kind of apps users download often. To learn more visit effective app marketing research

Creation of Ideas

Idea concept. Ideas are the roots of creation.

After knowing the market situation 410 apps ideas, developers then come up with unique ideas that competitors do not offer. Using already established ideas affects the authenticity of the app and may draw users away. Developers should hence bring innovative, informative, and entertaining ideas so that users can come back for more. Creative ideas also help the app to withstand competition and stay ahead of other similar apps in the market.

Building the App

Hand building wall showing cloud computing graphic with apps

Once the ideas have been collected and compiled, developers now begin the actual building of the app. At this point, developers format the ideas in an appealing format pleasing to the users. The design of the app must connect with users at a personal level so that they can own what the app offers. All buttons and links must hence come out in a way users can understand and use it easily because users prefer fast apps that provide appropriate information.

Developer’s Registration

How to Make an App Software Tile Wall of Apps Icons

App developers must register with the platform they intend to use in the creation of the apps. Developer registration simply requires the developer to create a Developer Account visit Android | IOS, a simple process that does not require the person to know programming. That account acts as the server because all operations and communication goes through it. Users also give their opinions and reviews via the developer account.

Testing the App

Software programmer

After setting up the developer account, developers then test the app to identify areas that need improvement. Note that the app should stand above other apps in the market and a bogus app cannot stand competition. Actually, to test visit testflightapp, developers sometimes give the app to different people so that they can gauge its effectiveness. The reviews gathered at this point help in restructuring and modification of the app to suit users’ requirements.

Marketing the App

Tablet Apps

Once the app goes through the final touches and reaches the market, developers now engage in marketing. Regardless of how good the app looks, developers still need to inform the potential users of its presence. Proper marketing helps in lead generation and it also enhances the ranking of the app in the market. Most people only use apps they know about hence the need to make the app known. For more details read here the biggest mistakes in mobile app marketing.

Reviewing and Monitoring

modern technology media

After the app goes viral and users start using it, the work does not end there. Design does not end; it goes on endlessly due to the dynamic nature of the market. Every day, users look for new and better apps meaning that developers should make regular changes to meet the growing demands of users. Developers can use feedback from users to know the changes that can boost the app and ensure user royalty.

Tips when Building an App

Iphone app icons background

When building an app, some few tricks come in handy instead of focusing entirely on the traditional methods. Some of the tips that can help in building an outstanding app include the following:

Focus entirely on the user: Developers should ensure they meet all the demands of users. Users look for products that solve all their problems from a single source.

Ease of usage: The app should contain easy to use features because complicated apps waste time. However, ease of usage should not mean creating an app that does not offer helpful service.

Respond to users: Developers can ensure user loyalty by responding to the complaints of users and making the suggested changes. Most apps lose clients because developers ignore the feedback coming from the users.

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