Top 100 Most Famed Women In History That Changed Our World

A list of famous inspirational women from around the world is presented here. The list includes women from various walks of life. They excelled in art, science, music, dance, and acting, poetry and story writers. There were great rulers as well. As you go through these famous personalities, you will understand their level of commitment, enthusiasm, and keenness to pursue excellence in their walk. There are extraordinary entrepreneurs, philanthropists and heads of state as well. However, it is difficult to pick top 100 women in the world. The list is presented here randomly and there might be more honorable and popular women in history as well.

1. Susan B. Anthony, (1820-1906)

1.Susan B. Anthony

Susan Brownell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts. This famous woman demonstrated great leadership skills. She was in the teaching profession for 15 years. She was the president of many societies and associations, including the Rochester Branch of the Daughters of Temperance which fought against alcohol.

In 1870, she founded the Working women’s Central Association. She fought for women’s rights and chose non-violent methods to bring change. In 1979, a dollar coin was released to honor her.

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Our family is what we live for. It consists of the people to whom we return at the end of the day. As a responsible member of the family, you must ensure that you evolve as a family and mutually contribute to each other’s well-being. Hence we have put down a list of 100 ways which will inform you about ways to become a healthier family:

1)    Eat Together

Family laughing around a good meal in kitchen


Have your meal together at the dining table. Studies have shown that those families who have meals together at the table without any digression are more likely to have a balanced body weight.

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  1. Fulton Allen



Fulton Allen, a Blues guitarist, was a visually challenged person who lost his life on February 13, 1941, due to infections in various parts of the body such as the abdomen, bladder, and pelvis. This resulted in the failure of his kidneys as well.

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1. Take responsibility for your actions 

Two beloved

Be accountable for whatever you do in the relationship, whether it’s good or bad. If you want to have a long healthy marriage, then it’s my suggestion that instead of blaming the other person or being irresponsible, you own up to whatever and however you are. That will be a matured as well as a romantic way to connect with your partner and work towards happiness and sadness and be there for both equally.

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December 31 is fast approaching and you might be thinking already what you’ll do on that day before 2015. Some people might be checking their resolutions that they’ve made before the year started (some might have forgotten already) and hoping they might have done even one in the list.

2015 year celebration icon with fireworks

Maybe, others are also already preparing their own ‘bucket lists’ for the next year or listing down things of what they’ll do to celebrate the coming of another year.

Paying small but go out Big

If you’re one of those making that list and don’t want to spend big, here are 10 more ideas to add on that list of things to do on New Year’s Eve.

  • ‘Inner Circle’ Party

young party

If you don’t prefer the noise and the crowd of strangers, arrange a party for you closest family and friends or your inner circle. You could small portions of food and enjoy each other’s company; you could even discuss and reflect what happened the whole year and jot down a few things you would like to change.

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  • ‘Popcorn’ party


Rather than chugging booze and getting a hangover you’ll regret before the year ends. Here’s one of the many New Year’s Eve party ideas out there; How about celebrating it watching a few flicks that might inspire you to forget what happened this year (like that break up) and the next year means a fresh start. It’s just right in the budget with renting a few DVDs and popping popcorns. Add some tissues with that.

  • Family Cookout

Man and child  with hotdog.

If you and you’re family like cooking, it’s a great time to invite also other families and even close friends and try a cooking competition while waiting. You’ll both enjoy the company, food and it’s cheaper than throwing a big one on your own.

  • Kid’s Party

Kids Party design template.

Organize or ask people in the neighbourhood to unite and rent play sets like trampolines and inflatable slides for the kids (and kid at heart) in your area. It’s also cost efficient cause you won’t be renting them on your own. You could share the food for the party also. It might be a great excuse to let that inner kid in you out!

  • ‘Live stream’ Party

Disc jockey playing music with electro light effects and lights

Annual traditions are also celebrated in different places like the ‘Ball Dropping’ in time’s square New Year’s Eve famous annual tradition in the Big Apple; there’s also the New Year’s Eve Seattle annual Fireworks display (known to be one of the best in the country). All these events are broadcasted and can be viewed via live stream. If you are a bit low in budget to really fly out or go to those places or not up with the crowd, you could just get together with your family and friends and set up a large screen or TV; Free from hassle and very convenient.

  • ‘BYOF’ Party


Get together with your friends ad have a ‘Bring Your Own Firecrackers’ Party! Ask them to bring one and once the clock strikes 12, light them up. You could even make it into a competition if who brought the best or loudest.

  • Travel to a New Place


A new year could be a new place also. You could already go online now and look for cheap or discounted airfare rates to places you’ve been dreaming to go to (like Paris or Tokyo). It’s checking just one more thing from your bucket list before the year ends.

  • Give Freely

Catering food table set decoration

Gather old clothes or things that could still be used and give to a homeless shelter; or go to a soup kitchen and share some of your party food (there will be something to spare for sure) and even help out in distributing to them.

  • Go on Broadway

Crowd of fans at a concert

Splurge a little or book ahead tickets and watch one on the night before. Go out alone or with the whole gang, and enjoy a good show before the year ends.

  • Church going

Catholic church interior view. Alba, Italy.

A time for reflection and thanking the Almighty for another year; Churches organize Year-end celebrations you could go to and they even offer a luncheon or dinner for you and your family. It would be best to also make those resolutions there for the next year; making one is never easy and you’ll need the help you could get.

Be Present

Happy new year 2015! New year design template Vector illustration

Lastly, be there. Physically and also mentally present. Take it all in. Enjoy every moment and cherish it.

There are more things to do on New Year’s Eve out there, what could you add to this list? Post it on the below comments.

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Sleep – everyone needs it. However, there are times when the body cannot conspire against what the mind wants to do. This is the reason why many are kept awake despite them not wanting, and having to. This may always mean trouble. Remember how this can be a problem. For people who have to be at outmost and optimal energy the next day, they have to be the first people to learn about the things to help you sleep. They need this more than anything else. This is for certain. There are natural ways in order to aid the problem. This is applicable to people who have a hard time sleeping. What are these?

Young Woman Sleeping On Clouds

Ways to Sleep Better

Time to decide

Decide a time and then after, stick to it. The body survives out of habit. The question about how to get good sleep should be easier enough that it only requires the setting of a consistent activity. There should be a definite time, and waking hour after. All of these must be correct of course. If there is no consistency, whatsoever, difficulty in sleeping will definitely take place.

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girl touching her head for fever

Check on the temperature. Learning how to sleep well is quite comforting. For most of the time, the body’s temperature has a lot to say in this. The body has a preference when it comes to this of course. The bedroom needs to come with a reasonable temperature. If there is duvet weight, be careful with it. The winter or summer duvet would definitely mark the season’s end. This can also affect the temperature one sleeps at. Do not forget to change the duvet every season.

Darken the room

Darken the room. There are people who cannot sleep with this, however, this is a good idea. Historically speaking, people’s bodies are programmed for them to sleep during darkness hours. The room has to be dark enough. For instance, there are bright lights outside the place, they have to be blacked out. Extra lining may mean the need for curtains. These may be placed behind the blinds or anything.

Follow the Process Words Connected Steps Instructions Procedure

Follow a routine. This is the answer to know how to sleep well. This is somehow synonymous to the concept of going on bed at a consistent time. However, this has to revolve  around certain rituals or routines. These are all to be observed even before bedtime alone. For instance, this may be as simple as brushing one’s teeth, or reading a novel, these may all be done for 10 minutes or so. After, the lights have to be switched off. The routine has to be experimented on. This is the best way to determine what will effectively work and not.

Portrait of a young man listening to music outdoors

Listen to soothing music. It would be helpful to play relaxing music if there is any. For those who look at Maiden as relaxing, and then go for it. This can be made in such a way that the tune is played the same every morning. This is the time when the individual starts to drift to sleeping. This helps in enjoying bed time even more.

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Risk on a napkin

Avoid caffeine. It is no longer a secret how this can affect a person. Up until now, this stays true. It is okay to go for a hot drink even before sleeping happens. However, it should not contain a massive amount of caffeine. This is different already. This may go to show that hot milk is okay. But then, a latte would mean a different thing. For those who find it difficult, cutting their caffeine back might be the solution to this. This might take place even before lunch. Time has to be given to work. This must be taken out of one’s system. This will let people go to sleep at night.

mystic psychedelic background

Go for hypnosis. Maybe not all people would agree to this. But this can be pretty effective. This is designed for individuals who really want to get some good night sleep. What is good about this is the fact that this is not too expensive. This is affordable and this is the answer for better outcomes. Giving this a try might help too for those clueless already.

Sleep deprived people are the most difficult to deal with for they can be pretty anxious. No one deserves this. With this in mind, each and every person has to be knowledgeable with the way they can be in order to sleep a lot. Practice the above mentioned in order to get the assistance needed in sleeping.

Leave your thoughts below!

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The mind is indeed a complex organ of the body. It has the capacity to alter the mood of a person and even has the potential to making things doable and possible so long as the mind is able to conceive on it. Most inventions and discoveries made by the top leading scientists and innovators have been considered to be absurd and ridiculous until after the benefits and uses have been reaped out of these modern innovations.

Conceptual image of an open minded business woman

Indeed, who knows the possibility of the power of the mind to create the currently unthinkable and the impossible? For all the know, idea of landing in the moon was a very preposterous idea until some pioneers have set it in their minds that such can be considered very possible and doable.

It is indeed true that we have only applied a minimal percentage of our brain’s capacity. While there are people who claim to be clairvoyant or psychic, such is still a body of knowledge that is, as of now, considered to be a gray area. Here are a few tricks that your mind is capable of doing without even you knowing. Such actions that have been employed by your mind have a radical effect on the environment that you are in.

Things you need to know about your mind:

  • The mind protects

Realms of Knowledge

One of the first facts that you may not have known about your mind is that it has the ability to protect yourself from the external stimulus which could possible harm you. Don’t you know that when your body is under the sun’s extreme exposure, your mind has the capability to make your skin darker upon it cell generation. This will then lessen the harmful effects of the sun to your body.

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  • The mind adjusts

mind adjusts

Other fact that you have to be aware of of your mind is that the mind is also capable of allowing the body to adjust easily to a certain skill or ability that you have just began to learn. Such can be seen in the dexterity of our fingers when we are just about learning to play a particular musical instrument through the mind map template. If the mind has fine-tuned the dynamics involved in playing a certain musical instrument, it can create more techniques as to various ways your fingers strum to the instrument.

  • The mind shuts down… on purpose

mind shuts down

Moreover, in efforts to protect itself from the situation, the mind also has the capacity to shut itself from the outside environment. We may not know of it but people who are neurotically ill such as those who are in a catatonic state, have allowed their minds to be temporarily “put on hold” until they are emotionally and mentally strong enough to adjust to the situation.

Never underestimate emotionally ill people who are just “in a daze” because you would gape in awe of how still complex and intricate their mind works just so to protect itself from further mental breakdown.

  • The mind conjures other personalities

Two-faced head statue, blue and gold

It is also quite an enigma that the mind has even the aptitude to create a whole new personality out of the individual in which it resides in. One can do this through free mind mapping. People with “dual personalities” are the result of how the mind attempts to protect itself from the potential dangers from the outside environment that it may be susceptible with.

To illustrate, a person having a naturally weak personality compels the brain to create a whole new persona out of that individual, which preferably has a strong personality to compensate for his original personality. This “created persona” may be triggered by conditions that would require the individual to be more aggressive. Consider the infamous story of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.

  • The mind heals

Human Inspiration

Finally, the mind can even heal you. A fascinating concept about the mind is that it can influence the condition of your body to actually becoming well from a particular sickness. A good example of this can be extracted from the idea of a “placebo pill”. Most doctors have applied this method and have given their patients water which their patients consider as a medication. Most results have shown they have actually received relief from their ailment by just drinking the said “medication”.

You can better understand it by particularly knowing the very definition of what particularly is the very definition of what is a mind map. This is basically trying to figure out which role in that particular part of your brain that performs a particular cognitive function.

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Do you simply get frustrated with snow even though it seems to be so magical in some ways? I do. This is because of the fact that the roads get more slippery and scarier to drag your rides on to. The most difficult part in assessing how to drive in snow is whether my car is properly equipped. It makes me nervous to think that maybe I lack something or my engine might need another push through before I dive it a go.

Two Cars Driving in Snow

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Because of my worry, I decided to make a list of tips for driving in snow to surpass the bother of snow.

  1. I should always be on guard when I drive. Knowing that it will be very slippery out there, I should muster complete focus in my driving skills in order to avoid accidents. Limitation on everything that will be bothersome should be gotten rid of so as to make room for more attention to the road that I am trekking.
  2. Always check the batteries before going out. I should probably let experts check it out because most people always imply that there is no way in getting better chances with a weak battery. Can you imagine your car without batteries? Me, I think not. I will freeze to death in the middle of the upholstering snow if they died on my watch. That is why this is one of the top priorities.
  3. Always warm up the vehicle before driving. Turning on the ignition without actually making the car run is the best way to warm it up. It will guarantee the full potential of the functionality of the engine which is a must if you are driving in a very low temperature. I do not want to wait out because my car got sucked up by the freezing doom of snow. It will be dangerous for us all if we do not act on this step.
  4. Stack winter tires. I do not know if you ever heard about them, but these tires are specifically designed to match the cool weather and the slippery slopes of the ground. It will not only be useful in this situation, but also in the muddy rails wherein we can get stuck. I suggest that safety tire rubbers must be used. This can help the front wheel drive in snow
  5. Never forget to bring emergency kits. The thing is, even though we tend to be very careful in handling our rides or though we have the best vehicle for snow, there is always a possibility for accidents to happen. These things are very inevitable, which is why we should always remember to clear up some space for medical kits.

Standing cars in winter

  1. Assure the stability control of the vehicle. Having old and or used cars, we should always keep a regular checkup with the tractions because it will be of best use in the winter wherein everything becomes more complicated. It will help us control the vehicle. By monitoring the speed and activating certain parts such as brakes and engine power, we can all save ourselves from slamming our faces in the front shield.
  2. Check the wipers before leaving. Sometimes the windshield wipers bother me because it messes up my vision; however, in a snowy situation, these babies must always be used. The fog that the decreasing temperature creates can block our view from the safety of the roads. Also, snow particles might stick in the windshield.
  3. Make sure that the gas tank is full. Sometimes I forget that my tank is out of fuel and it has gotten me into very risky situations that I do not want to encounter again. Check out the tank and make sure about the gas because you will need more in the snowy weather compared to the typical weather.

What You Should Avoid

Cars parked on the street buried under snow

There are things that we should avoid when we are driving in snow. One of the most common things is not making any fuss about things that may divert our attention to the road like loud music. Putting on earphone is also a big no. Considering the whole snowy situation, we must put out some of the cooler stuff aside and make room for compromise because these kinds of mishaps can lead to very dangerous accidents. Putting on sunglasses is also not a good thing and is kind of weird given that there is no sun to protect your eyes from.

Few more winter driving tips on Do you have other suggestions for helpful tips? List them down below.

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Are you trying to conceive with your partner? Do you want to have a baby now? If you have been trying for quite some time and there are still no fruitful result out of it, maybe it is now the time for you to consider knowing and getting started with few tips you can make use in order to get pregnant successfully.

Sleeping beauty

Probably, there are things that you are doing wrong which causes for your pregnancy to be delayed and this is not the right time for you to correct those. Feel free to check the different tips on getting pregnant below:

Tip # 1: Set Doctor’s Appointment

Doctors Appointment

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Before you totally think of the best ways to get pregnant, make sure that you will spend time in setting an appointment with your doctor and would consider having a general check up with you and your partner’s health. This is really important and could help you in having better idea on the things you have to do later on.

Tip # 2: Understand Your Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle Fertility Chart

Also, you have to make sure that you are going to understand how your menstrual cycle goes. The possible ovulation period of your body is important for you to know and understand to have better idea when could be the right time for you to have sex with your partner.

Tip # 3: Don’t Think About Sexual Positions


There are some people that would say that sexual positions could help you in conceiving easily but you don’t have to think and spend a lot of time just for this. Just be comfortable with your partner, do your usual routines and that could already be the best tips for getting pregnant.

Tip # 4: Feet in the Air after Intercourse

couple has fun in bed

Probably, you have already heard about people telling you to set and have your feet in the air after having an intercourse with your partner. This is commonly recommended to most women out there to make sure that the sperm cells would have the right way inside their uterus and meet the egg cells for ovulation.

Tip # 5: Don’t Be Too Active

Pregnant Woman in Park

Even though having sex is the basic way of getting pregnant, doing it regularly and almost every day might tire you out which could really be a reason on why you would not be able to conceive the baby that you want.

Tip # 6: Don’t Stress Yourself

dont stress message illustration design

Make sure that you are not also going to stress yourself. Too much stress might greatly affect the condition of your body, making it tired and wasted. This could also the main reason of being out of focus while having sex and you would not want to have more problems because of this.  It would be better to do the following below:

  • Avoid over thinking of your problems
  • Have enough sleep
  • Find good hobbies and entertainment

Tip # 7: Have a Proper Diet

Proper Diet

A healthy and proper diet is also greatly important when it comes to getting pregnant. Even before you determine when to get pregnant, make sure that you are healthy enough and following a proper diet that would not just keep you fit but your possible baby as well.

Tip # 8: Take 400mcg Folic Acid


Attractive pregnant female taking a pill while sitting on a bed

All women, who are trying to conceive needs to take 400mcg folic acid per day, this vitamin helps for you to develop the brain and the body of your baby. This is also a good investment that you can consider in order to be assured that you are going to have the healthiest baby out there.

So, when you visit your doctor, make sure to get their prescription and buy folic acid in the market. It is also recommended to follow doctor’s prescription carefully.

Tip # 9: Say No to Smoking


One of the most common reasons on why women are having a hard time in getting pregnant is that they are smoking. So, if you want to conceive now, consider quitting your smoking activities and prepare for the life you want to create.

Tip # 10: Cut the Alcohol

Pregnancy - pregnant woman health care

Lastly, you should also cut the intake of alcohol. This could make your cells die even it is not yet coming out and released in your body so better stop as early as now.

If you do have other tips in your mind that was able to help you in getting pregnant or if you have questions for what is mentioned above, please do leave us a comment and let us know more about it.

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When you decide to marry your partner, you do it because you want to see yourself together for the rest of your life. Just like any other relationship, it doesn’t mean that you are now exempted from feeling what you are feeling when you are just boyfriend or girlfriend. You will still be exposed to misunderstandings. That is why you have to work things out to ensure that your marriage will be happy as ever.

makes a good marriage

There is never a sure way on how to deal with marriage because there are varying personalities for everyone. What worked for others may not work for you that is why you have to assess yourself in order for you to know how you are going to make your marriage last forever and not to be compared to others that last for a couple of years only.

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