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Are you frustrated about paying your local car cleaners hundreds of dollars every time you want to wash or clean your car? You will be surprised to know that you can do this by yourself following some simple tips that are mentioned below. By doing these, you will save a lot of money and keep your car in good condition always.

1. Cleaning AC vents

More often than not, you would have noticed dust getting accumulated between the panes on the AC vent in your car. To clean this to perfection, you can make use of an old and used a paint brush.

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Did you ever know that clouds could look dangerous and creepy at times? When you sit back and want to relax on your lawns after a long day at work, these weird formations appear in the sky, leaving you flabbergasted. Here are 35 of such strange and scary formations of clouds that were ever captured in the history of humanity.

1. Australian Aboriginal Male

A few years back, one of the cloud formations spotted in Budapest (capital city of Hungary) captured everyone’s attention. The appearance of the clouds bore an uncanny resemblance to that of the historic aboriginal Australian male.

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Car insurance policies are getting quite costly these days. As a car owner, you have to be alert always and do your research properly so that you get good deals on your car insurance quotes. If you are well informed about this subject, you will be aware of some tricks that will help you get a reduced rate on your insurance premium. These are the things that your insurance company wouldn’t tell you. Here are ten such secrets that you should remember always.

1. Academic brilliance

If you have been a good student in school and college, scoring straight As throughout in all the subjects, you qualify for some discounts on your car insurance premiums. Ensure that you produce valid certificates to claim this benefit.

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Buying a car is one of the most important decisions in your life. It requires a high investment and therefore, you have to do a well-thought-out analysis before you drill down on the type of car that you want. Never go by the prices that your dealer offers you; there are certain tips that can fetch you a much lesser rate than that. Ten such tips are listed below:

1. Clarity of budget

Lots of new models of cars are being launched at highly affordable and attractive price ranges. To add to your confusion, there are interesting payment schemes and other options on them, which require you to shell out a very meager investment every month. While all of these do sound attractive, it can also tempt you to buy something that is beyond your affordability. Therefore, have a budget in your mind and never look to overshoot this budget at any point. Filter the cars by the price range first and then proceed to the other steps.

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Do you want to get drunk in the most intense manner? Not finding your drinks strong enough for your liking? Listed below are 15 of the world’s strongest liquors for you to choose from.

1. Spirytus
1This Polish drink contains 96% alcohol, and it is considered to the strongest liquor sold in the United States. When you consume this liquor directly, it can damage your throat forever. It is so powerful that it can knock somebody out of their senses completely.

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Luxurious cars or supercars as they are commonly known have a style and class of their own. Their owners leave no stone unturned in flaunting them and people who wish to own one of them never stop gushing over them. Here is a look at the top ten luxurious cars in the world. These cars take our breaths away with their grace, speed and of course their cost!

1. Hennessey Venom GT
1Priced at $1.1million, this is one of the fastest cars ever produced. It goes at a speed of 436km or 271miles per hour. In just two seconds, it reaches a speed of 60miles per hour. A 1500-horsepower capacity and 7-litre twin turbo engine make this one of the grandest cars available today.

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Misfortunes never come knocking your door. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to meet any adversity that you face in life, with confidence and mental stability.Here is a list of ten policies that one needs to have mandatorily.

1. Life insurance
1We are all mortals, aren’t we? Who will take care of your family when you are no longer alive? How will your family feed for itself? Who will provide them with the financial security? The answers to these questions can be quite baffling if you don’t plan properly. Hence, it is important to take a life insurance policy and appoint your spouse/parents/kids as nominees, so that they will continue to receive a reasonable amount of financial help, even when you are long gone from this world.

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Top 100 Most Famed Women In History That Changed Our World

A list of famous inspirational women from around the world is presented here. The list includes women from various walks of life. They excelled in art, science, music, dance, and acting, poetry and story writers. There were great rulers as well. As you go through these famous personalities, you will understand their level of commitment, enthusiasm, and keenness to pursue excellence in their walk. There are extraordinary entrepreneurs, philanthropists and heads of state as well. However, it is difficult to pick top 100 women in the world. The list is presented here randomly and there might be more honorable and popular women in history as well.

1. Susan B. Anthony, (1820-1906)

1.Susan B. Anthony

Susan Brownell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts. This famous woman demonstrated great leadership skills. She was in the teaching profession for 15 years. She was the president of many societies and associations, including the Rochester Branch of the Daughters of Temperance which fought against alcohol.

In 1870, she founded the Working women’s Central Association. She fought for women’s rights and chose non-violent methods to bring change. In 1979, a dollar coin was released to honor her.

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Our family is what we live for. It consists of the people to whom we return at the end of the day. As a responsible member of the family, you must ensure that you evolve as a family and mutually contribute to each other’s well-being. Hence we have put down a list of 100 ways which will inform you about ways to become a healthier family:

1)    Eat Together

Family laughing around a good meal in kitchen


Have your meal together at the dining table. Studies have shown that those families who have meals together at the table without any digression are more likely to have a balanced body weight.

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  1. Fulton Allen



Fulton Allen, a Blues guitarist, was a visually challenged person who lost his life on February 13, 1941, due to infections in various parts of the body such as the abdomen, bladder, and pelvis. This resulted in the failure of his kidneys as well.

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