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Today, it has been observed that thousands and thousands of movies are being produced all over the world. Even though this is the case, the majority of them are forgettable. It is unlikely that watchers will remember a film that is mediocre.

TOP 10

Many would surely agree that the moving pictures created from the twentieth century remain untouchable. For people who want to have a movie marathon during their free time at home, it would be best to look at the top 10 best movies that they can consider renting out, buying or even downloading. What are these?

According to most – the best movies of all time 

  • The Godfather

The Godfather

This movie is ranked as the top movie in the list of American cinema. This stars Marlon Brando, James Daan, Al Pacino, and Robert Duvall. This was released in the year 1972. It was Albert S. Ruddy, who produced this. It was then directed by Francis Coppola. The film was mainly based on the era of 1954 to that of 1955. Leading actors portrayed the role of leaders in a certain crime group from NY.

  • Star Wars (Episode IV)

Star Wars (Episode IV)

This episode, entitled A New Hope was shown in the year 1977. It holds a record of sorts in the history of world cinema. This one is considered to be one of a kind for the genre, and it focuses is that of science fiction. The special effects are the ones commended about this movie. At first, the budget of the film is estimated at $11million. Afterwards, it profited $460 million, which includes the earning in the overseas market.

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  • Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

This is one of the first movies around romantic cinemas. This was released way back 1939. This story was known to be the backdrop of the Civil War in America. The movie stars Leslie Howard, Vivien Leigh, and Clark Gable. The movie garnered lots of awards, including that from the Academy Awards.

  • Casablanca

Wallpapers Market

This movie came into existence under the direction of Michael Curtiz. This stars Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogard. Like the latter mentioned, this one is also the backdrop of the world war II. It was released in 1942. It comes with three Oscars, which includes that of the Best Picture. It is said to be one of the best movies made in Hollywood. Even the theme song and that of the dialogues become extremely popular.

  • Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List

This movie is set during the World War II in Poland. This goes around a plot involving Oskar Schindler, becoming gradually concerned with his Jewish workplace. This occurred after he witnessed the persecution done by the Nazis. This movie runs for 195 minutes. It was directed by Steven Spielberg.

  • Titanic


This movie can be considered a modern classic. It starred Leonardo DiCarpio and Kate Winslet. This movie is about a young aristocrat who expected to be of fixed marriage with a rich claimant. This was the plan of her mother. However, she falls in love with an artist upon her stay on a luxurious RMS, known as Titanic. This is basically the plot of the whole story. The movie is then directed by James Cameron and made DiCarpio and Winslet instant stars.

  • The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

This movie is directed by Robert Wise and it includes stars such as Julie Andrews, Eleanor Parker, Christopher Plummer and also that of Richard Haydn. The story is about a woman that had to leave the convent in Austria to be a governess. She then serves the children of an officer who is a widower. This movie lasts for 174 minutes.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

This movie is based on the novel by Harper Lee, with the same title. The adaption though, was directed by Robert Mulligan. It stars John Megna, Gregory Peck, Rosemary Murphy, and also Frank Overton. It was about Atticus Finch, a lawyer during the Depression-era in the south. He was then set to defend a black man who was charged for rape, following his kind who was then fighting against cases of prejudice.

  • My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

This movie stars Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. This garnered a total of 12 Oscar nominations, and then 8 of them were won. It is about a professor who has to make a flower girl presentable before the high society.

  • The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter

This stars Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken and Robert De Niro. It was during the examination of the US Vietnam war ways.

The above-mentioned are just suggestions. Of course, the younger ones might also name the best movies out right now. However, this list will always be perceived as their own choice of the best movies.

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Couple Watching Television And Eating Popcorn At Home

The main allegation about the teen romance genre is that it is clichéd, boring, and predictable. Then again, the same could be said of many good or bad stories from different genres. Just because a piece of fiction follows the conventions of its category, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s tired or trite; it could surprise viewers with the way it subverts expectations or showcase an otherwise humdrum story in a way that makes it fresh and new. The best teen romance movie offerings around you can find are those that are able to challenge your notions and make you think. These movies can also tug at your heartstrings in more ways than one, making them stand out from the deluge of teen romantic comedies that come out annually. People can never get enough of these stories, which is why in order to make a film stand out from the rest, it should be able to do something unique and identifiable.

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The Teen Romantic Film Must-Sees You Must See

  • Harold and Maude:

1971’s Harold and Maude was able to break the teen romance mold and have itself stand out in a way that puts it above and beyond your typical romance fare by involving the hippy era of filmmaking. It’s a film about a batty old woman, Maude, living with a typical teenage boy, Harold, that isn’t some subtle dramatic tragedy like the graduate. It instead showcases Maude’s philosophy in life and the flipside of having dreams of revolution as opposed to actually living in reality. This May-December romance might seem more platonic than others in this list, but the love shared by this couple is as genuine as those seen in less motherly couplings.

Harold and Maude

Long story short, Harold and Maude is a charming film showcasing how to survive in a world of emptiness, hierarchy, and conformism. It’s a timeless message. Indeed, new romance movies could learn a thing or two about storytelling by showcasing love that’s not necessarily romance (in many ways, buddy cop films are like romantic films without the romance in that two characters with opposing viewpoints learn to compromise and become buddy-buddy with each other) that’s more profound than infatuation, such that age shall not wither their spirit.

  • Edward Scissorhands:

As far as christmas romance movies are concerned, it’s hard to top Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp. It’s a star-defining role for Depp that eventually led to him becoming a bankable, billion-dollar movie star. This is also one of Tim Burton’s magnum opuses that put him on the map. Not necessarily a romance story as it is a coming of age story mixed with “Frankenstein,” 1990’s Edward Scissorhands is about a gothic fairy tale character created by a scientist with scissors for hands (ostensibly).

Edward Scissorhands

The humane but inhuman Edward has a little romance of his own with Winona Ryder’s character, Kim. The most iconic scene of the movie was when Edward makes ice sculptures in California in the middle of summer while Kim dances in the resulting snow. It showcases how a character is unable to be with others he’d want to get close to, like a hedgehog trying to hug another hedgehog at the risk of hurting each other. Even amidst isolation and despair, a good, well-meaning, and pure heart can shine through the most unappealing of appearances and circumstances.

  • West Side Story:

Who could forget West Side Story from 1961? Starring Richard Beymer, Natalie Wood, and Russ Tamblyn, this movie exemplifies romance more than the rest of the entries, making it a true gem of the genre. It’s a film that shows there’s a place for anyone somewhere. This is one of the best romantic movies to watch if only for the part of Maria (played by wood) singing “I Feel Pretty” in anticipation with her date with Tony (played by Beymer) in a scene so iconic, whole parodies and references to it have outlived the popularity of the film itself. It’s an operatic masterpiece that needs to be seen and heard to be believed.

West Side Story

Finger-poppin’ daddies and real hip chicks consider it their Romeo and Juliet the same way Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet defined romance for Generation X (along with highest-grossing mega film Titanic, with both starring Leonardo Di Caprio as the lead). This musical features campiness that would make Adam West’s Batman feel right at home, sure, but it also hits some key emotional notes that keeps it from being a dated film. After all, his classic contains “Somewhere”, which is the ultimate romantic ballad for dreaming and trapped lovers not sung by Celine Dion. It’s both self-mocking and earnest enough to be remembered by generations to come.

Any more suggestions on the best movies? Feel free to leave a comment on what movie made a mark not only on your thoughts but also on your heart.

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Monster Movies

People watch films for the sake of experiencing a roller coaster ride when it comes to emotionally responding to what they’re seeing. Horror films are among the most straightforward, gut-wrenching, and emotionally taxing movies you’ll ever see, designed to evoke a whole family of emotions or at least the many different iterations of fear (panic, terror, creepiness, and doom). There are quite a number of the most terrifying movies around, but which ones have stood the test of time? Which of these movies are the best in making you feel fright, hysteria, mortification, disgust, alarm, or simple shock? Is simple repulsiveness enough to make for a truly scary movie experience, or do you need something more that will shake you to your core? A good horror film or even a good film in general should be able to stay with you many years after first watching them.

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Top Horror Movies You Should See

  • Psycho:

Of course, Psycho would be part of this list. Why shouldn’t it? It’s the penultimate psychotic serial killer movie. It doesn’t have gore as many other horror films has, but the creep factor and the psychological terror left by Psycho is quite more cerebral than visceral. What is implied is much scarier than what’s shown because your imagination is left on overdrive trying to imagine what actually happened in a cutaway scene.


Also, the picture being painted in regards to how disturbed Norman Bates (as played by Anthony Perkins) is presents a twisted look at the golden veneer of good ol’ family values in the Fifties (the serial killer this movie is based on came from roughly a recent time period himself). Indeed, recent scary movies should take notes from the master of horror himself, the (quite creepy in his own right) Alfred Hitchcock. Hidden truths, a killer dressed in drag, and a mummified mother can be more horrifying than gore.

  • Night of the Living Dead:

That’s not to say that 1968’s Night of the Living Dead isn’t scary in a different way with all the raw footage of gore it has.  It’s a story about people trapped inside a farmhouse trying to stem the upsurge of hungry, rotting zombies. In many ways, George A. Romero’s movie (with a screenplay written by John A. Russo) defined the scary movie experience. When you watch scary movie offerings nowadays, many of the conventions followed are lifted or defied by it comes from how Romero depicted horror.

night of the living dead

This is considered one of the top horror movies of all time because it’s simple, it’s dark, it’s foreboding, and it gets to you on a primal instinct. While Hitchcock was sophisticated with suggesting scares and making your mind race a mile a minute, Romero is a master of primal fears and making your body react to evolutionary fight of flight instincts as you see the monsters lurk and shamble from the screen to the heroes of the movie in a swarm in a documentary film-style fashion.

  • The Exorcist

It’s become somewhat cliché and overly done even in parody, but at the time of its release in 1973, moviegoers and cinemaphiles were utterly disturbed by this film, which involves a little girl transformed into a monster by a demon who possessed her violently masturbating with a cross while saying she’s getting “fucked” by “Jesus”, which is the ultimate sacrilegious blasphemy you’ll ever see on film. Even if you’re not a Christian, most of you will feel concern over Regan.


This is what shocking cinema was before you got your Saws or Paranormal Activities. It involves demonic possession, priests, and a bittersweet ending that makes you feel empty inside. This is one of those quintessential horror films and certainly the top scary movies of all time. Anyone who has never watched it and only know it through parodies should give it a try, it’s a doozy and it lives up to its reputation and decades of hype.

  • Halloween:

While The Exorcist was about non-quantifiable horror that continues to shock and awe people who haven’t been spoiled by its endless references and parodies, watching Halloween for the first time is an experience all its own. It doesn’t do psychological horror like Psycho, visceral horror like Night of the Living Dead, or shock-value horror like The Exorcist, but it became for quite a while the blueprint of horror films to come.

Cemetery with old gravestones and moon

Halloween involves a deranged murderer escaping a mental asylum in order to slay teens in his local home town. While this sounds almost humdrum by today’s standards, back in the Seventies, it became the archetypal horror film for good reason. People were scared of psychotic killers who break and enter houses that escaped from the mental hospital. It’s the same with hitchhiker fears embodied by the thriller Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What movie did you watch that scared the hell out of you? Leave a suggestion on the movie that you consider is the best horror movie you ever watched.

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Watching the latest Hollywood movies has been one of the pastimes of people at present. For some, it is largely considered as a bonding activity among friends and families. True enough, it is an activity that proves very therapeutic, especially when the film you are watching conveys a profound message worthy of reflection. It is also considered by some as a form of stress-reliever, since for the entire two hours that the movie runs, all the worries seem to cease.

If you are looking for a Hollywood movies list to enjoy for the coming weekends, this article is right just for you. We have listed down some of the Hollywood’s finest, and there is no way you would not want to see this yourself.

  • Forrest Gump

forrest gump

“Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are going to get.” So goes the famous line from the movie that stars Forrest, an innocent and slow-witted man but with a good heart. The film basically shows the different periods in his life. The entirety of the film provides many life lessons and poignant realizations for the viewers. Among many others, it teaches us not to judge the person by what he looks like because you may be surprised by what he is actually capable of doing. As in the case of Forrest, this proves very true.

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  • A Beautiful Mind

a beautiful mind

The film which stars Russell Crowe is based on a book of the same title by Sylvia Nasar and is nominated for Pulitzer. It chronicles the life of a young man named John Nash until he became old. It featured Nash’s suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and how he was able to overcome the delusional episodes caused by it. The highlight of the film was during that time when even the life of his family, his child and wife, is being threatened by the illusions and delusions brought about by the disorder. The film generally provides us with an illustration of the power of mind over matter.

  • Dead Poet’s Society

Dead Poet Society

This movie is one of the most popular starring the well-beloved Robin Williams who portrayed the role of Mr. John Keating. He is an unconventional English teacher of an all-boy school who tries to inspire his students by inculcating in them the underrated value of poetry. At once, he asked his students to stand above their tables so as for them to view things in a different perspective. He revolutionized the thought of the learning process as perceived by his students. One of the most important lesson he tells his students is this, “Boys, you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all.”

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind


The trend among new Hollywood movies today is their dedication on post-modern themes, that is, trying to grasp on the abstract and unimaginable. But little did you know that there are alreadyold movies that have touched on this concept, and one of which is the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is considered a psychological thriller and science fiction because the lovers tried to erase their shared memories with their loved ones which may seem impossible and beyond human capability as related to the present. You should watch this film and be amazed by the ideas and mind-boggling twists and turns of events. The film stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.

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  • V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

This film is a futuristic political thriller inspired by the Gunpowder Treason Plot in 1966 by Guy Fawkes and two other men. It features V, an anarchist who tries to conduct a revolution against the parliament. He calls himself a freedom fighter who wanted the people of the United Kingdom to strip themselves off of fear, especially on the government. This film is much celebrated by the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community because one can gain a whole lot of appreciation of the considered “undesirable” group in the society. Apart from this, this is usually referenced by the libertarians to justify their beliefs.

These are just some of the most epic Hollywood connection movies ever produced. After watching, I bet every movies mentioned herein will leave an indelible mark in your hearts and minds because of its natural epic-ness. If you know some other awesome films today that are not mentioned, please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section. Enjoy watching these films!

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There are many memorable things about the movies you’ve seen through the years that stay with you like an ear worm of a song. So what makes a good quote? For one thing, it should be so impactful that it resonates to your very core, or at the very least it serves as a one-liner summation of what a movie or even a franchise is all about. Let’s take for example the James Bond series. From the 1962 Dr. No to the 2012 Skyfall, the iconic phrases, “Shaken, not stirred” and “Bond. James Bond,” is known as everyone’s most favourite movie quotes, even by those who’ve never watched a James Bond film or, at best, have watched Austin Powers. Another good memorable quote that gives a feel good message is “Look, Daddy. Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings,” from It’s a Wonderful Life, spoken by Carolyn Grimes.

Great Quotes Come from Great Films

Great Quotes

  • Nostalgic and Memorable:

The best, most inspirational movie quotes are those that summarize what the movie it came from is all about or reveals one of many life’s truths. Let’s again look back at the It’s a Wonderful Life quote. The quote harkens back to George Bailey and how a wingless angel is able to get his wings by showing him what his life would be like if he were never born, giving him hope and a better perspective of his self-worth.

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  • Iconic Scenes Make for Iconic Quotes:


When shy Robert De Niro transforms himself into Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, he’s known for the quote “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well, I’m the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? Oh, yeah? Okay?” This is an iconic quote and that it gives people in the insight of Bickle’s mind while at the same time gaining appreciation of De Niro’s ability to get into character (the mirror scene is actually an acting exercise of sorts).

  • Filled with Life Lessons:

Who can forget something like this? “My mother always said, life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” says Forrest Gump as played by Tom Hanks. This is certainly one of my favourite movie quotes exactly because it has an unambiguous message. People who don’t get it might joke, “A box of chocolates contains chocolates, so how are you saying you won’t know what you’re going to get?” but it’s more than that. Life is as predictable and unpredictable as you make it be, like wondering how delicious a box of chocolates can taste.

  • Cheesy but in Good Fun:

Not all movies are supposed to have a long-lasting, artistic impact. As such, not all quotes from movies should have serious gravitas. Something as simple yet humorous as “I’ll be back,” from the Terminator as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the eponymous film isn’t something that’s impactful on a personal level, but it has become iconic in its own cheesy but fun way. Although the Terminator itself isn’t necessarily a cheesy movie and has its own instances of seriousness.

  • Sometimes a Quote Simply Makes the Whole Movie Work:


Remember Colonel Nathan R. Jessep’s line in “A Few Good Men”. It was so memorable that people who’ve never seen the movie can recite it themselves. It has made an indelible mark on pop culture when people who’ve never watched the movie know the line, “You can’t handle the truth!” It’s particularly stirring how even in his advanced age, Jack Nicholson is able to command an incredible performance.

  • Quotes That Serve as the Crux of the Plot:

While one might think the spoiler for Citizen Kane and his quote “Rosebud,” (that is, what is Rosebud?), which was his childhood sled, is underwhelming, the whole crux of the film (wherein we get to see the life and times of Charles Foster Kane, from his greatness to his folly and arrogance, because a reporter wanted to know the mystery behind his words) is what makes the film. This is a great quote because it’s the spark that allowed us to gaze into the life of a millionaire who had everything but the thing he most wanted.

  • Understatements Produce the Greatest Impacts:

Just as exaggeration can dull the impact of what’s happening, understatement in not so many words can bring out the true impact of a given moment like a compact punch to the jaw that short circuits your brain enough to knock you out. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” quote from Police Chief Martin Brody (played by Roy Scheider) in Jaws is one such surgically precise yet understated quote.

What’s your most favorite movie quote? Feel free to fill in to keep the list going.

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What is more exciting than staying in a good, cold, rainy afternoon and get cozy in your blanket with your friends or your girlfriend and or boyfriend watching a good catch up on the classic scary movies? When you go raising your hand to select the leisure of your choice for a quite boring day, you should always start up by firing your nerve endings with a toe curling film that will let you scream for your hearts; taking away all the anxiety away. Movies are always a fun way to start a seemingly gloomy day.

woman  watching  tv

Horror movies have always been a part of the cinematic industry for ages. It is a very popular genre because of the public demand. But even if people are deliberately announcing that they do not like watching this kind of stuff, they always end up buying a movie ticket or downloading a copy. People tend to dig in the best kinds of films that have not been discovered yet through surveys, claiming which of which is the scariest one. It is not new to see rehashed horror films that have been downed decades ago with a new set of twitches, but still getting a hold of the original storyline. This is why the classics are still considered to be good finds.

Manage your horror movie list

If you want to have a good set of the latest horror movies then you better get your reading glasses on for the reviews. These reviews will help you find out how people find some selected scary films that have been on cinemas. They do not only give you an overview of what you should expect, but also their own honest opinion about what they really felt after watching the whole scene. It is not surprising to be getting harsh comments, which is why the focus of getting a good preference must not only be in an individual view, but also on a general aspect.

Manage your horror movie

To effectively manage your scary selections, you must put in mind that there are movies that tend to have a very poor mobilization of the creative works. Not all movies that have a frightening title can be considered as a good scary film because there are those that do not have enough resources to buy the time and great minds of a very efficient group to reenact scenes. In order to have a stimulating list, you need to have an overview about each horror film that you listed down.

Best Picks

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One look at an authentic survey for scary movies and you can get hold of the best finds of the latest horror movies that will make you scramble to the floor. Talking about the new edge of upcoming movies, you can really say that the people who are concerned in this type of genre have evolved their outlooks on the things that can convince the public on taking in the story behind the film. The enigmatic show of films should aim to scare them to their guts. The top 10 horror movies of all time do not only come from one source of nationality but with a rather diverse one. Countries all over the world have been in the zone of creating films in connection with this genre because they know that the public desires for a good scare frequently than once in a while. It can be your own brand of an adrenaline rush as well.

Zombie stretching bloody hands

Websites with the aim to rate the top ranking selection of scary movies can be found online. Given this situation, you won’t need to hassle with watching one movie and another in order to make up which are the best picks. And of course, you need to remember that your taste in the genre does not simplify the general overview and the preference of the public, although your opinion may matter.

Online streaming website

Play Word on Round Green Button
There are many online websites that can give you access to online streaming for your movie of preference. Given that you have found a reliable website, you will be able to have a free watch for all the scary movies that you want to get a good look at. If you turn to search engines with the right keywords, you will find out that most of the websites offering this kind of service give a variety of options as to where you want to watch your picks in. In actuality, you can find a lot of servers and formats so that you won’t have to be troubled in downloading.

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Movies For Kids

When people think of kid’s movies, they think of wondrous, colorful, whimsical, and exuberant. Sure, there are kid’s films can even become agents of nightmare fuel in and of themselves, but most of them have some sort of happy ending involved. Usually, it’s something like animated fare like the Lion King, claymation like Wallace & Gromit, or live-action fare like the Bad News Bears or the Mighty Ducks. With that in mind, which of these films are the best movies for kids of all time? Here’s the topmost batch of the cream-of-the-crop films that, more or less, are the consensus best kid films as far as many critics and movie goers are concerned. Also, to no one’s surprise, the best kids’ films are all animated fare, whether animated by Pixar, Disney, or Studio Ghibli.

Why the Top Kids’ Films Are All Animated

  • Pinocchio:


It’s hard to find the best animated film in the Disney vault simply because it’s so extensive. It might not be one of those funny movies for kids, but it’s certainly a classic in and of itself. Some readers might even complain with not including Frozen or Lion King as among the best of the best Disney has to offer, but in fairness to this list, this film is as iconic as they come.

It’s no coincidence that Disney’s logo theme is an orchestral version of “When You Wish Upon a Star”, a song from Pinocchio. This movie remains a classic not only to Baby Boomers but also to their children, their children’s children, and up until the Millennials because of its colorful characters, timeless message, whimsical wonder, and important life lessons. It even has a bit of edginess to it, like the nightmarish scene where boys transform into donkeys.

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  • My Neighbor Totoro:

Neighbour Totoro

Now, this time around, straight from the Land of the Rising Sun and the originator of the “anime” style of Japanese animation (“anime” is just the Japanese word for animation, but for most foreigners, it refers to the distinct animation style of Japan) is My Neighbor Totoro. As far as good movies for kids are concerned, this one is definitely a must-watch because it’s made by Japan’s Walt Disney himself, Hayao Miyazaki.

This man has been described as someone with the soul of a poet, the heart of a child, and the eye of a painter. This can certainly be seen in this film, which is one of the most comfortable, unassuming, and subtle kids’ films ever that portrays the inquisitive nature of children as well as their imagination to its fullest potential. It’s a movie filled with sylvan creatures, magical trees, mischievous dust faeries, a huge bear-like creature with a soft pot belly, and a bus that’s actually a cat.

  • Toy Story:

Toy Story

Indeed, the first commercially successful feature film of Pixar under the Disney banner really has gone from infinity to beyond. It’s a story of a kid named Andy moving out of their home and a cowboy doll’s jealousy over a spaceman action figure. Toy Story is one of the best kids movies of all time for the last 30 years or so, serving as the quintessential must-watch of Pixar’s golden age because it’s a relatable kind of film. What kid hasn’t imagined their toys coming to life?

This is one of the most original and influential films that goes all out in its finale, when due to shenanigans, Buzz Lightyear (the space toy) and Woody (the cowboy toy) ended up in the clutches of Sid, a neighbor of Andy’s that destroys and “tortures” his toys. The elaborate chase sequence involving a rocket-powered skateboard, a bull terrier, open traffic and a moving van is something that has left an indelible impression on everyone who has watched it.

  • Spirited Away:

Spirited Away

This film tops this list for quite a lot of reasons, chief among them the fact that it epitomizes the very best elements of all the films featured in the list, but does so in a more impactful and compelling manner. If you believe “Game of Thrones” is compelling, you can consider the misadventures of ten-year-old Chihiro who has to rescue her “spirited away” parents the children’s film version of that modern-day masterpiece by George R.R. Martin.

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Also made by the same studio (Studio Ghibli) and director (Hayao Miyazaki) as My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away is particularly memorable for its classic colorful characters and its ability to showcase Japanese mythological creatures in a way that transcends cultural boundaries, thus making this Japan’s biggest animated hit and a worldwide sensation. From dealing with the monstrous Yubaba to befriending the strange No-Face and a forgotten childhood friend, Spirited Away deserves its top spot in this short list.

Any comments on your all time favorite movie when you were a kid? Recall your childhood memories and see how many can relate with you.

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