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When planning a party for any occasion it is best to have a theme. The only dilemma is that, what theme it should be. There are endless possibilities as far as Halloween party themes go, but it will majorly revolve around costume parties. From the food to the music, every aspect of the event should tie up like a pretty bow.

Halloween pumpkins

Either the theme is for an adult’s party or for kids; these themes are a possibility for all types of age groups. Improvising can also be applied if you don’t want your party to be just like the one next door. Preparation may take days but hey, if everyone will walk out the door with a smile on their face after the night—it’s worth the effort.

Themes for the Night of the Living Dead (and Others)

Here is a short list of celebration themes for the formal event or just a way of getting together with family and friends.

  • Witches and Wizards

Halloween day

From a pot of boiling potions to cookies that can turn you to other creatures, this choice is a sure fire way to enchant your guests. You put a dress code and make them wear wizard hats, cloaks, and bring along their magic brooms to park at the garage (which can also come in handy during the clean-up). Load up your music player with spooky Halloween music and watch as your guest conduct ritual dances.

  • Glow in the dark

Candlelight in the dark

Because why not turn off all the lights and turn on the black lights for that genuine night of the dark theme? Provide glow sticks, neon coloured headbands and face paint, and have a blast. Do remember to put away those precious and breakable vases and figurines out of the way.

  • Pumpkin carving

Halloween pumpkins on rocks  at night

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This season will not be complete without a pumpkin having that eerie grin. This can be a good activity for kids who are excited for the season. Gathering them together on a picnic table neat the pumpkin patch and providing them with safe carving materials. They can take home their own pumpkins and display them in their gardens.

  • Fictional Books

Fictional Books

Get your guests to dress up as their favourite fictional book character and play a game of ‘name the character’. You can even pick out the specific book you want them to dress up as, like characters from Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter. Create a Halloween music playlist that fits the story of the book.

  • Hollywood

Scared couple watching halloween movie

We can never do away with this theme, and there is a reason that we all have wanted to be celebrities. Make it fancy and place a red carpet along the doorway and porch so your friends can have a grand entrance. It’s all going to be glitz and glamour for the night. Attach a disco ball to the ceiling, open up a space for the dance floor, and play Halloween movie music.

  • Haunted house

Spooky. Abstract Helloween backgrounds for your design

This is a classic theme that you can never go wrong at using. Hang some ghosts and skeletons beside the window, replace your curtains with gauzy ones, and scatter some fake creepy crawlers along the floor. You can even have a murder mystery night with friends if you want to have a toned down party.

  • Superheroes

Superhero Couple

Nevertheless, this choice can literally save the day (or night). Your guests can dress up as their favourite superhero or create their own. Have them play a game of guessing what type of super powers the other characters have.

  • Monsters

cute furry alien

They may be cute or terrifying, this is a very versatile concept that can never be a downer. From zombies to vampires, costume ideas are endless. The drinks can be a range of colours from green to red to blue, and as well as the snacks.

  • Black and White


Or black and another colour. Pairing a vibrant colour with black can make things interesting and darker. This motif will allow you to have consistency and uniformity if you don’t like disorganization.

  • Ghoul’s Night Out

Halloween dinner table setting

To up the ante of sophistication, why not have a dinner party with your close friends or family and decorate the dining table with fabulous and luxurious candle holders, sparkling wine glass, and black plates and cutlery. Use a thick red—or why not use hot pink— table cloth and have a banquet along with the skulls scattered in the corner of the room. Creepy, but glamorous.

Pick a theme that you as the host will enjoy planning, do not just make a choice because you have to. Add some suggestions of what kind of party you want to have or the theme of the party you have attended that you enjoyed. You may just help out someone who’s stressing about what they should do for an event coming up.

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Halloween is the time of the year that a majority of us, especially kids and kids at heart, wait for all year long—aside from Christmas that is. The infamous “trick or treat” echoes all through the night of the 31st of October. Everywhere you look there are people who wear costumes that are store bought or handmade and mostly improvised. It literally and hypothetically rains candy and chocolates during this day.

Halloween poster with zombie background. EPS 8

This is also the season to spend some quality time with the family, creating indoor and outdoor decorations for the occasion. Halloween arts and crafts have always been an activity that children tend to enjoy before they avert their attention to other things, such as their cartoons and games. Simple Halloween crafts for kids can become an outlet for them, expressing themselves through multi-coloured materials. Letting their imagination flow can help them be happier.

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Halloween Craft Ideas

  • Costumes

Halloween group of children girls costumes

This is the month which children can be whoever they want to be, to be more specific, they can be any monster or character they want to be. Helping them create their costumes can be a fun activity and shows your support in their decisions. They can be a ghost, zombie, a Disney princess, or a pirate. Be cautious if their ideas become too radical or over the top.

  • Baking

Decorated Halloween Cupcakes on White

Making treats has always been a hit with children because they will create something that they can eat after. Making cupcakes, cookies, or even cakes will help them learn to be careful with the equipment they will use and help them develop patience. Letting them decorate the pieces is also a plus, but it’s a given that they will create a mess. Also, be the one to measure the sugar to be put in.

  • Carving the pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin

This requires you to be the only one who can handle the knife, though there are safety knives you can buy if your children are determined to do the carving themselves. The month of October will never be complete without the Jack o lantern. After carving the pumpkin, you can display this item to show them how proud you of them, sort of like posting one of their drawings on the fridge.

  • Pouches or candy bags

Happy Halloween candy in trick or treat carry cauldrons with wit

Easy Halloween crafts don’t get any easier than this. Using sturdy construction paper or cloth, you can teach them how to make a simple candy carrier for them to bring when they go on a trick or treating rampage around the neighbourhood. Telling them to put their name on the bag is also a clever thought to avoid mixing up the bag if your children have similar designs to their pouches.

  • Decorations

collage with halloween decorations

This is the cheapest way to decorate your home, letting your spouse make them. But all kidding aside, this will put those stored up imagination out. Even if the end product doesn’t look similar to the creature they had in mind, they tried and that’s all that matters. Encouraging them more by actually using them around your home, and that’s good parenting.

  • Cards

Set of four Halloween cards

Asking them to make cards and sharing them to their friends can make a difference for the people who will receive them. Providing them with glue, glitters, safety scissors, pens, colouring materials, and paper will keep them behaved for a few hours or so. It’s a relaxing and inspiring feeling watching children write things for their friends and family.

  • Paper-Mache

This activity can result to them making a mess on the table, gluing together their hair, or using the toilet paper for mummifying their siblings in the process. They can mould this sticky dough into inventive animals or creatures of the dark, then letting the tissue harden before they can add some colour and embellishments. You can even keep their clever figurines as new toys for them to play with after the eventful month.

paper-mache mask

But even if you don’t have kids, these can be fun activities for you younger siblings and family members. You can even do them with your friends as a form of celebrating the season of spookiness. Also, these suggestions aren’t only limited to this special event; you can still do similar crafts for the different themes of different celebrations. Tweaking some of the colour schemes and symbols to be used for other occasions is an idea.

Have fun and let the inner child in you shine. We have all enjoyed spending countless hours making things that can be considered as a messy work of art when we were young. Making our parents proud that we had a vivid imagination and liking how they complement our products of innovation. Leave a comment of what arts and crafts activities you’ve enjoyed when you were a kid or that your kids have enjoyed.

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Today, it has been observed that thousands and thousands of movies are being produced all over the world. Even though this is the case, the majority of them are forgettable. It is unlikely that watchers will remember a film that is mediocre.

TOP 10

Many would surely agree that the moving pictures created from the twentieth century remain untouchable. For people who want to have a movie marathon during their free time at home, it would be best to look at the top 10 best movies that they can consider renting out, buying or even downloading. What are these?

According to most – the best movies of all time 

  • The Godfather

The Godfather

This movie is ranked as the top movie in the list of American cinema. This stars Marlon Brando, James Daan, Al Pacino, and Robert Duvall. This was released in the year 1972. It was Albert S. Ruddy, who produced this. It was then directed by Francis Coppola. The film was mainly based on the era of 1954 to that of 1955. Leading actors portrayed the role of leaders in a certain crime group from NY.

  • Star Wars (Episode IV)

Star Wars (Episode IV)

This episode, entitled A New Hope was shown in the year 1977. It holds a record of sorts in the history of world cinema. This one is considered to be one of a kind for the genre, and it focuses is that of science fiction. The special effects are the ones commended about this movie. At first, the budget of the film is estimated at $11million. Afterwards, it profited $460 million, which includes the earning in the overseas market.

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  • Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

This is one of the first movies around romantic cinemas. This was released way back 1939. This story was known to be the backdrop of the Civil War in America. The movie stars Leslie Howard, Vivien Leigh, and Clark Gable. The movie garnered lots of awards, including that from the Academy Awards.

  • Casablanca

Wallpapers Market

This movie came into existence under the direction of Michael Curtiz. This stars Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogard. Like the latter mentioned, this one is also the backdrop of the world war II. It was released in 1942. It comes with three Oscars, which includes that of the Best Picture. It is said to be one of the best movies made in Hollywood. Even the theme song and that of the dialogues become extremely popular.

  • Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List

This movie is set during the World War II in Poland. This goes around a plot involving Oskar Schindler, becoming gradually concerned with his Jewish workplace. This occurred after he witnessed the persecution done by the Nazis. This movie runs for 195 minutes. It was directed by Steven Spielberg.

  • Titanic


This movie can be considered a modern classic. It starred Leonardo DiCarpio and Kate Winslet. This movie is about a young aristocrat who expected to be of fixed marriage with a rich claimant. This was the plan of her mother. However, she falls in love with an artist upon her stay on a luxurious RMS, known as Titanic. This is basically the plot of the whole story. The movie is then directed by James Cameron and made DiCarpio and Winslet instant stars.

  • The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

This movie is directed by Robert Wise and it includes stars such as Julie Andrews, Eleanor Parker, Christopher Plummer and also that of Richard Haydn. The story is about a woman that had to leave the convent in Austria to be a governess. She then serves the children of an officer who is a widower. This movie lasts for 174 minutes.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

This movie is based on the novel by Harper Lee, with the same title. The adaption though, was directed by Robert Mulligan. It stars John Megna, Gregory Peck, Rosemary Murphy, and also Frank Overton. It was about Atticus Finch, a lawyer during the Depression-era in the south. He was then set to defend a black man who was charged for rape, following his kind who was then fighting against cases of prejudice.

  • My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

This movie stars Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. This garnered a total of 12 Oscar nominations, and then 8 of them were won. It is about a professor who has to make a flower girl presentable before the high society.

  • The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter

This stars Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken and Robert De Niro. It was during the examination of the US Vietnam war ways.

The above-mentioned are just suggestions. Of course, the younger ones might also name the best movies out right now. However, this list will always be perceived as their own choice of the best movies.

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Beautiful brunette woman singing

Songs move some people emotionally, while others are even given a purpose by hearing a good song.  Still others can be left humming a tune that just won’t leave their head, like being haunted by a songstress muse. Regardless, if you want to make your voice better at singing in order to better express yourself in an artistic fashion, what are some good songs to help you out with that? Well, you can start simple. Instead of singing the latest Top 40 songs around (as a side note, at least Taylor Swift made a song that wasn’t about being jilted by her boyfriend), why not sing Happy Birthday or your own national anthem? You can also sing the most popular songs, if you so wish. From Thrift Shop by Macklemore to Royals by Lorde, it’s okay to sing it bad for a few times until you get the hang of it. Consider it as voice warm up.

What are Good Songs for You to Sing?

What Are Some Good Songs for Your Voice

  • Finding the Perfect Song: If you’ve ever watched American Idol, then you probably have seen the situation wherein judges choose bad songs for the contestants to sing. Yes, it is unfair, especially for certain participants who only know to sing one kind of song. Many young singers, even Karaoke ones, have little to no experience in choosing songs, but at any rate, it takes loads of research and actual practical application to find the perfect song for you.

Maybe you’re a better rapper or song writer. Maybe you have an ear for music. Maybe you need to work on your tone and pitch to make it pitch perfect. Whatever the case, it’s not talent alone that will help you go places. It should also be about trial and error, a willingness to grin and bear it when you’re doing embarrassing things, and to sing a lot. The process shouldn’t be rushed or instantaneous.

Singing girl

  • Listen to a Load of Songs: Even if you have to listen to all the different genres like rock and roll to country and folk as well as rhythm and blues, listening to a lot of songs can be the key to learning how to sing them. You can’t only and simply choose a song you like; you have to be able to sing it. No matter how much you love basketball, if you can’t play it, it’s going to remain a spectator’s sport to you.
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In regards to singing, there are songs you’re good at singing and songs you can’t sing. You should know your strengths and weaknesses when singing to be able to sing the top 20 songs right now, of the week, the month, the year, the decade, and of all time, from Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey. You can’t simply lip-synch or imitate the songs either, you have to make the songs your own so that you’re using your own natural take and voice when singing it.


  • Try Mimicking Other Voices: A good voice actress or singer has the ability to mimic voices. Do something simple like mimic your family. If you’re a woman, you should practice on a lower register, which has a limit of you sounding like a nine-year-old boy usually unless your voice is naturally low. For men, you might need to tuck that Adam’s apple and practice a high pitch that doesn’t sound like Mickey Mouse.

These voice exercises are handy because you can sing a larger range of songs if your voice and pitch range is more variable. You can go from great workout songs (or cheesy ones) like Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” as well as that “Maniac” by Michael Sembello that gained notoriety in the movie “Flash Dance”.  The point here is to know your limits and strength and go with the flow of a good song. Trust your heart and let faith decide, even if you’re good at singing Disney songs by Phil Collins.

Woman shouting

  • Have Fun: If a song isn’t working for you, don’t sing it. Sing in the shower if you’re shy. Don’t be too discouraged to find out your limits, because there are places where skill can take you that talent can’t. Don’t make the mistake that the perfect fit of a song is available among the current crop of Top 40 hits available, especially now that there’s more emphasis in auto-tune.

These are professional singers with insane range in voice, so your voice might get overwhelmed by attempting to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Baby steps first. You should do something you can actually accomplish then earn the right and the ability to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” or at least “Princes of the Universe” with the impact and vigor that Freddie Mercury would bring to such a performance.

What music genre do you prefer? Leave a comment here to share your thoughts.

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Couple Watching Television And Eating Popcorn At Home

The main allegation about the teen romance genre is that it is clichéd, boring, and predictable. Then again, the same could be said of many good or bad stories from different genres. Just because a piece of fiction follows the conventions of its category, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s tired or trite; it could surprise viewers with the way it subverts expectations or showcase an otherwise humdrum story in a way that makes it fresh and new. The best teen romance movie offerings around you can find are those that are able to challenge your notions and make you think. These movies can also tug at your heartstrings in more ways than one, making them stand out from the deluge of teen romantic comedies that come out annually. People can never get enough of these stories, which is why in order to make a film stand out from the rest, it should be able to do something unique and identifiable.

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The Teen Romantic Film Must-Sees You Must See

  • Harold and Maude:

1971’s Harold and Maude was able to break the teen romance mold and have itself stand out in a way that puts it above and beyond your typical romance fare by involving the hippy era of filmmaking. It’s a film about a batty old woman, Maude, living with a typical teenage boy, Harold, that isn’t some subtle dramatic tragedy like the graduate. It instead showcases Maude’s philosophy in life and the flipside of having dreams of revolution as opposed to actually living in reality. This May-December romance might seem more platonic than others in this list, but the love shared by this couple is as genuine as those seen in less motherly couplings.

Harold and Maude

Long story short, Harold and Maude is a charming film showcasing how to survive in a world of emptiness, hierarchy, and conformism. It’s a timeless message. Indeed, new romance movies could learn a thing or two about storytelling by showcasing love that’s not necessarily romance (in many ways, buddy cop films are like romantic films without the romance in that two characters with opposing viewpoints learn to compromise and become buddy-buddy with each other) that’s more profound than infatuation, such that age shall not wither their spirit.

  • Edward Scissorhands:

As far as christmas romance movies are concerned, it’s hard to top Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp. It’s a star-defining role for Depp that eventually led to him becoming a bankable, billion-dollar movie star. This is also one of Tim Burton’s magnum opuses that put him on the map. Not necessarily a romance story as it is a coming of age story mixed with “Frankenstein,” 1990’s Edward Scissorhands is about a gothic fairy tale character created by a scientist with scissors for hands (ostensibly).

Edward Scissorhands

The humane but inhuman Edward has a little romance of his own with Winona Ryder’s character, Kim. The most iconic scene of the movie was when Edward makes ice sculptures in California in the middle of summer while Kim dances in the resulting snow. It showcases how a character is unable to be with others he’d want to get close to, like a hedgehog trying to hug another hedgehog at the risk of hurting each other. Even amidst isolation and despair, a good, well-meaning, and pure heart can shine through the most unappealing of appearances and circumstances.

  • West Side Story:

Who could forget West Side Story from 1961? Starring Richard Beymer, Natalie Wood, and Russ Tamblyn, this movie exemplifies romance more than the rest of the entries, making it a true gem of the genre. It’s a film that shows there’s a place for anyone somewhere. This is one of the best romantic movies to watch if only for the part of Maria (played by wood) singing “I Feel Pretty” in anticipation with her date with Tony (played by Beymer) in a scene so iconic, whole parodies and references to it have outlived the popularity of the film itself. It’s an operatic masterpiece that needs to be seen and heard to be believed.

West Side Story

Finger-poppin’ daddies and real hip chicks consider it their Romeo and Juliet the same way Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet defined romance for Generation X (along with highest-grossing mega film Titanic, with both starring Leonardo Di Caprio as the lead). This musical features campiness that would make Adam West’s Batman feel right at home, sure, but it also hits some key emotional notes that keeps it from being a dated film. After all, his classic contains “Somewhere”, which is the ultimate romantic ballad for dreaming and trapped lovers not sung by Celine Dion. It’s both self-mocking and earnest enough to be remembered by generations to come.

Any more suggestions on the best movies? Feel free to leave a comment on what movie made a mark not only on your thoughts but also on your heart.

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Youtube logo

What is the most watched, most viewed YouTube video of all time? Here’s a hint. It has garnered over 2 billion views since it was published on YouTube back in July 15, 2012. Its runner-up, “Baby” by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, is the only other video with views passed the billion view mark. A quick visit to Google to search for the most watched youtube video would net you the strange and quirky “Gangnam Style” by Psy, a South Korean novelty singer. As for the top 30 to top 10 youtube videos, they’re all songs or music videos since, you know, MTV isn’t Music Television any longer, the name of the company doesn’t even make sense at all that you might as well call it RTV or Reality Television. Therefore it makes perfect sense that all the Top 30 most watched videos on YouTube in 2014 are also most of the Top 40 songs of the decade.

The Most Subscribed Channels and Most Watched Vids Showcase YouTube History

Play Youtube

However, what about the non-song categories of YouTube? What sort of story do they paint in regards to the evolution of site from being mostly user-generated to a billion-dollar, billion-views conglomerate that doubles as a promotional vehicle for musicians and celebrities? Actually, a quick look at the most subscribed channels showcase YouTube’s eventual rise to commercial success.

  • The Early Years of User-Generated YouTube Weirdness (2006-2007):

Back in 2006, when you watch youtube videos that aren’t uploaded copyrighted content of others, it was user-generated content like lip-synching videos. It’s therefore no surprise that the very first most watched video on YouTube was the Pokemon Theme lip-synched by the comedy duo of Smosh (Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox). They were then surpassed by Judons Laipply of Evolution of Dance fame in terms of subscribers, then Brook Allison Brodack of “Brooker” fame.

Time of vlogging

This was also the Vlogdays of YouTube also saw the rise of users like “geriatric1927” or Peter Oakley (1927-2014), who made five-to-ten minute autobiographical videos about life before YouTube. Afterwards, came “lonelygirl15”, a vlog channel outed as a fake fictional vlog about a young vlogging girl Bree Avery, played by Jessica Lee Rose. Eventually, Smosh regained the top spot for a second time all the way through 2008 when they diversified their content. The early days of YouTube became a musical chairs game of most subscribed turnovers.

  • The Comedy Skit and “Fred” Years of YouTube (2008-2010):

Throughout 2008 up until 2010, the most subscribed YouTube channels all boiled down to two accounts, Niga Higa by Ryan Higa and Fred by Lucas Cruikshank. Ryan Higa was able to surpass Smosh’s brand of comedy by concentrating on more elaborate skits, parodies, and creative stories.

Theatrical masks

It was also during this time that users like the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic saw their rise. They moved on to other video sites because of YouTube’s increasingly strict interpretation of copyright and fair use policies, which meant comedians like Shane Dawson was able to find his niche. Most of these three years were dominated by Fred, played by Lucas Cruikshank, so much so that he eventually starred in multiple movies.

  • The Comedy Skit Show and Viral Video Years of YouTube (2011-2012):

In order to bypass fair use laws, more and more “YouTubers” began concentrating on more parodies and skits. Smosh remained in the top spot by emulating the success of current trends, whether it’s slow down youtube videos or synchro-vox videos like Annoying Orange.

Viral underlined with red marker

When Ryan Higa was on top, they made more skits. When Ray William Johnson created reaction videos on viral videos, they did too by hiring Mari Takahashi and making the weekly Smosh Pit video series covering the latest trending videos. Their diversification helped them enough of a foothold to regain the top most subscribed spot.

  • The Let’s Play and Video Game Personalities of YouTube (2013-2014):

Due to a change in the YouTube algorithm wherein not only views but engagement (that is, the amount of time people watch a vid as opposed to just clicking it) saw the rise of Let’s Players like PewDiePie. Gamer channels have always been around (like Machinima or Game Grumps), but no other gaming personality (even AVGN) has garnered a following as large as PewDiePie.

Family playing video game on smartphone

Because Let’s Play produces hours of content you have to watch all the way through to enjoy and because PewDiePie himself has an international following, that’s how he gained the top spot today. As per usual, Smosh diversified their content again in light of this trend by making a gaming channel called Smosh Games and partnering closely with PewDiePie for extra exposure, ensuring their number 2 spot as most subscribed regardless.

Feel free to post comments and/or suggestions about what’s in and what’s no of the youtube world.

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Monster Movies

People watch films for the sake of experiencing a roller coaster ride when it comes to emotionally responding to what they’re seeing. Horror films are among the most straightforward, gut-wrenching, and emotionally taxing movies you’ll ever see, designed to evoke a whole family of emotions or at least the many different iterations of fear (panic, terror, creepiness, and doom). There are quite a number of the most terrifying movies around, but which ones have stood the test of time? Which of these movies are the best in making you feel fright, hysteria, mortification, disgust, alarm, or simple shock? Is simple repulsiveness enough to make for a truly scary movie experience, or do you need something more that will shake you to your core? A good horror film or even a good film in general should be able to stay with you many years after first watching them.

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Top Horror Movies You Should See

  • Psycho:

Of course, Psycho would be part of this list. Why shouldn’t it? It’s the penultimate psychotic serial killer movie. It doesn’t have gore as many other horror films has, but the creep factor and the psychological terror left by Psycho is quite more cerebral than visceral. What is implied is much scarier than what’s shown because your imagination is left on overdrive trying to imagine what actually happened in a cutaway scene.


Also, the picture being painted in regards to how disturbed Norman Bates (as played by Anthony Perkins) is presents a twisted look at the golden veneer of good ol’ family values in the Fifties (the serial killer this movie is based on came from roughly a recent time period himself). Indeed, recent scary movies should take notes from the master of horror himself, the (quite creepy in his own right) Alfred Hitchcock. Hidden truths, a killer dressed in drag, and a mummified mother can be more horrifying than gore.

  • Night of the Living Dead:

That’s not to say that 1968’s Night of the Living Dead isn’t scary in a different way with all the raw footage of gore it has.  It’s a story about people trapped inside a farmhouse trying to stem the upsurge of hungry, rotting zombies. In many ways, George A. Romero’s movie (with a screenplay written by John A. Russo) defined the scary movie experience. When you watch scary movie offerings nowadays, many of the conventions followed are lifted or defied by it comes from how Romero depicted horror.

night of the living dead

This is considered one of the top horror movies of all time because it’s simple, it’s dark, it’s foreboding, and it gets to you on a primal instinct. While Hitchcock was sophisticated with suggesting scares and making your mind race a mile a minute, Romero is a master of primal fears and making your body react to evolutionary fight of flight instincts as you see the monsters lurk and shamble from the screen to the heroes of the movie in a swarm in a documentary film-style fashion.

  • The Exorcist

It’s become somewhat cliché and overly done even in parody, but at the time of its release in 1973, moviegoers and cinemaphiles were utterly disturbed by this film, which involves a little girl transformed into a monster by a demon who possessed her violently masturbating with a cross while saying she’s getting “fucked” by “Jesus”, which is the ultimate sacrilegious blasphemy you’ll ever see on film. Even if you’re not a Christian, most of you will feel concern over Regan.


This is what shocking cinema was before you got your Saws or Paranormal Activities. It involves demonic possession, priests, and a bittersweet ending that makes you feel empty inside. This is one of those quintessential horror films and certainly the top scary movies of all time. Anyone who has never watched it and only know it through parodies should give it a try, it’s a doozy and it lives up to its reputation and decades of hype.

  • Halloween:

While The Exorcist was about non-quantifiable horror that continues to shock and awe people who haven’t been spoiled by its endless references and parodies, watching Halloween for the first time is an experience all its own. It doesn’t do psychological horror like Psycho, visceral horror like Night of the Living Dead, or shock-value horror like The Exorcist, but it became for quite a while the blueprint of horror films to come.

Cemetery with old gravestones and moon

Halloween involves a deranged murderer escaping a mental asylum in order to slay teens in his local home town. While this sounds almost humdrum by today’s standards, back in the Seventies, it became the archetypal horror film for good reason. People were scared of psychotic killers who break and enter houses that escaped from the mental hospital. It’s the same with hitchhiker fears embodied by the thriller Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What movie did you watch that scared the hell out of you? Leave a suggestion on the movie that you consider is the best horror movie you ever watched.

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There are many people who like to read news but there are also those who like to focus on entertainment news. They like to read about what is happening to the celebrities and the stars. These may be trivial matters such as where an actress went to get their groceries or the really big news such as those who got an award and the likes. They may be into the latest entertainment news or the more serious stuff but still they devour all the information that they can get. It is a good thing that those who are considered as Hollywood news junkies already have many available resources.

Picture globe

So why are people obsessed with entertainment news today?

  • To see what celebrities are like in their non-working days

In the past, those who would like to know about more about what is happening in show business or the entertainment sector would have to buy magazines which can be quite costly at times or they might have to  subscribe to a newspaper or tabloid that has an entertainment section. That is not the case anymore these days. The advent of the latest in technology means that they can now have access to these types of news by checking out the various websites in the internet.

The internet is now the most often source of this latest breaking news Hollywood news items. There are websites that are dedicated to these types of information. There are also photos and captions about the most recent achievements and exploits of those in the entertainment industry. There might even be some controversies and scandals involved but there are also tributes to the lives and accomplishments of some of these stars and celebrities. It gives the readers or the viewers a vicarious thrill and experience.

Young Woman portrait. Vintage Make-up

Celebrities are larger than life and the kind of lives that they lead are something that many people aspire to have. That is why maybe their lives are also the ones that provided a lot of entertainment to many especially those who might be considered as  breaking entertainment news junkies. These are those who get their news not from the newspapers but from tabloids and magazines. They are those who might know about the lives and activities of the celebrities more than they know about the leaders of their own countries. Whatever the reason is, we cannot deny that the lives of the famous are interesting.

  • For everyday celebrity sightings

The celebrities have often been the focus of the many news items that are churned out from the various media outlets in the country. When though celebrities hog the headlines or even attract the media? People are quite interested in the celebrity sightings and that is also why the media try to provide the same things. There are not just articles but also photos of celebrities. These materials might include those of some trivial items such as those of these famous people buying something from the grocery to some drunken situations in the clubs or bars even some uncompromising scenes.


One of the most attended and most covered events though would be the various awards ceremonies that are held annually. These are the times when celebrities go to attend and be seen. The preparations that they make would be monumental since they would even prepare several dresses and the likes for it. Whatever they do then would be flashed all over the world live.

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  • To know what’s good and bad in their favorite celebs

Gossip is often thought of as negative such as when the scandals and controversies about people and events would come out. There would news items about who fought with whom, who got drunk and made a scene in the various clubs and the likes. There are also those of hook ups and even of some pictures of some celebrities caught in compromising scenes or to a lesser degree in an embarrassing situation. There are issues regarding illegal drugs and so many other unsavoury pieces of information that may come out. But then again these are not the totality of what happens in Hollywood.

celebrity sightings

There are also many good things about Hollywood. There are also news items regarding the many accomplishments of people who made good in the entertainment industry.  There are also those who struggled against the odds and have come out triumphant and quite successful. There are also people who served as inspiration to others. It is possible that these kinds of news may be overshadowed by the negative ones but it does not mean that these are not as important as the others.

Have you spotted a celebrity lately?

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Birthdays are one of the best things that can happen in one’s life because this signifies another year, and this is also known to indicate a new chapter in someone’s own life. This is known to be one of the best occasions that you can ever experience, and if you also happen to know how to plan a party for these purposes, then expect an epic day for everyone.

Birthday party

There are lots of things that you can do in order for you to plan a good type of birthday party, and rest assured that there will be lots of visitors that will comment on how good you can handle a party once they experienced that very special day that you prepared – whether it’s for other people or not. Many people have tried the methods in preparing for parties, and they love it.

There are lots of methods that you should do if you want to gather some ideas for parties, and rest assured that you will love it as well whether you’re the celebrant or if you’re the planner of the birthday. These ideas are known to be done by us, and by other people whenever there are birthdays, and these are the best ideas that everyone can do. Here are as follows:

Make it Surprising

One way to make birthdays epic is for you to gather an idea for surprise parties because the element of surprise will never get old, and that’s what most people will surely love to have no matter who they might be. There are many ways for you to think about the most epic idea for a surprise, and one well known method to do is to plan it on a room while all of you hide.

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Mature woman surprising partner with gift against snowy landscape with fir trees

Another great example of a surprise party is to set up a plot for the celebrant such as leading them somewhere else since it’s their special day, and all of a sudden, most of the celebrant’s friends are there to greet him/her along with the epic celebration.

Make a Good Theme

Having some theme party ideas can be one of the best things that you can do for a birthday celebration because some people might have their own favorites such as colors or even a type of a character from a TV show or movie. This is known to be the best way for you to set up a party if you ever have a child that loves a superhero.

Colorful shiny balloon and gifts background with happy birthday

Making themes are known to be good as you can design a nice type of party for them as well so that they will be able to have more fun on their special day since they know well that they’re facing their favorite on that very day!

Prepare the Best Food

One well know way for you to celebrate a type of party is to prepare some of the best food that you can ever serve so that everyone will be able to feel full and satisfied, and they will feel like their time was worth it while they’re still on the venue of the party. Birthdays are like big feasts since it’s a celebration for a person since they came to this world.

Collection of vintage retro cupcakes labels, badges and icons

If you want more ways to make this method a lot better, then be sure to prepare some drinks such as booze and other juices so that everyone will have lots of selections for the things that they can take while they’re on the venue, and it will surely satisfy them. Just make sure that you prepare a good quality dish for all of them.

Do it Outside your Home

If you want to have a different kind of birthday party, then go out of your house and start planning a birthday that’s located somewhere else. There are lots of places that you can visit, plus these places are known to be good for birthday celebrations. Places such as gardens that you can rent, and even resorts for swimming can be a good choice for outdoor party ideas.

happy kids around birthday cake

Just ask the company that handles the venue if birthdays can be held in the place, and if it is, then they will surely become more than glad to assist you when it comes to preparing for that epic day.

These are guaranteed to be the best ideas for birthdays, and people will surely love to experience this if you planned it well. Everyone loves a good plan, and birthdays are a must when it comes to making an idea so that the day will become really great. If you want more ideas for parties, you can ask us on the comments section so that we can help you out as well.

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