Top 100 Most Famed Women In History That Changed Our World

A list of famous inspirational women from around the world is presented here. The list includes women from various walks of life. They excelled in art, science, music, dance, and acting, poetry and story writers. There were great rulers as well. As you go through these famous personalities, you will understand their level of commitment, enthusiasm, and keenness to pursue excellence in their walk. There are extraordinary entrepreneurs, philanthropists and heads of state as well. However, it is difficult to pick top 100 women in the world. The list is presented here randomly and there might be more honorable and popular women in history as well.

1. Susan B. Anthony, (1820-1906)

1.Susan B. Anthony

Susan Brownell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts. This famous woman demonstrated great leadership skills. She was in the teaching profession for 15 years. She was the president of many societies and associations, including the Rochester Branch of the Daughters of Temperance which fought against alcohol.

In 1870, she founded the Working women’s Central Association. She fought for women’s rights and chose non-violent methods to bring change. In 1979, a dollar coin was released to honor her.

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5 Steps Guide to Writing Your First Book

Most would think that writing a book is as easy as making a sandwich. Just because you have the talent doesn’t mean that you are very much well equipped to do the challenge. One should know that it can be a terrible thing if you start to write your book. More so, it can also be quite a challenging thing if you would even attempt to start writing your book.

Young people and education, woman studying for university test

A lot of writers would usually experience that phase in their career called the “writer’s block”. Why is this happening and why do a lot of writers suffer this condition? Honestly, the very cause of this condition is the lack of heart and the too much pressure or thinking. This can be very much common among writers who consider it to be their way of living already.

Instead of doing that one great book, they are too engrossed with the commercial phase of their career. The publisher might be pressuring him for the book, or the agent might have put the writer in trouble as to getting in a contract that the writer might not be unable to finish on time. These are the common reasons why writing a book can be a very stressful thing.

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Most businesses thrive to achieve efficient and effective customer service skills. Indeed, it is vital to make these existing customers create new clients that they will need in order for their establishment to prosper even more. Since this is the case, the attainment of good customer service skills is definitely a must for everyone. Customer service is perceived to be the lifeline of the experience of the clients in terms of purchasing. Businesses are provided with a distinguished reputation whenever they succeed in giving off satisfying assistance. In this case, it is necessary to know what excellent customer service is.

A Reliable Customer Service

reliable customer service

One of the main reasons why companies succeed is the fact that they know what is excellent customer service and they focus their attention on that. This is a staple that propels any establishment to success. There are even instances when professionals are hired since they already possess good customer service skills. This may also be considered. What else can be said about the most ideal customer service?

  1. Customer service is needed to give customers the satisfaction that they need. This comes with sound knowledge in terms of the company’s services and products. To effectively address the needs of the customers, customer service folks have to know what they are talking about.
  2. Good communication skills are a must and the people involved have to be impeccable. This is the lifeblood of the whole service industry. Responses may be of various forms, like written or spoken. But whatever it is, the mentioned has to be free from grammatical mistakes and errors. An upbeat and at the same time, positive tone is helpful in the midst of first encounters. There needs to be enthusiasm involved and as well as confidence. This ensures positive outcomes in the long run. These can all be expected at the very end.
  3. Attentive listening skills have to be practiced as well. This determines the ability of a service to provide the correct and appropriate response to the clients just in case there are queries and requests. Skills in listening help much in understanding particular problems and these will give customers the feeling of trust and value.
  4. Critical solving skills are also required. There are times when difficult clients are encountered. It is very likely for this to occur. This is the time when customers would seek for service because they know that the company will be able to keep clients satisfied. Being able to be there just to solve the problem says a lot about the credibility of the whole entity. This is one of the answers to the question what is a good customer service.
  5. Versatility and flexibility are also two important qualities to have. Clients come with individual and distinctive needs all the time. The provider has to be equipped enough in order for him to adjust to various kinds of situations surfacing around. Skills have to be dynamic for this is how customers are perceived to be.
  6. Professionalism is also another. This shows qualities which are combined with the right amount of confidence and attitude. This also illuminates respect, courteousness and friendliness all wrapped in one. It does not even matter what kind of situation there is. Professionalism is expected to be displayed not only towards that of the customers, but also in the whole workplace. This has to be present among members, competitors, and even that of the company itself.
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It is necessary to understand that no one brings success in the business aside from the customers alone. They are the ones responsible for this. This is the reason why there needs to be an understanding of the whole service being provided. This is not solely about meeting the necessities of the clients alone. Customer satisfaction is the main goal. It has to be surpassed and striving extra mile is always a good idea for everyone to consider. This makes every client happy, and there are more chances that they are going back.

Most likely, this will start with the employees themselves. They are to undergo training about what is good customer service, which has to be given by the employers themselves to enhance their system. This will practice consistency later on. The delivery of good customer service will also be observed in the long run.

Skill training methods are the best when it comes to setting the mind of the employees. This is focused towards the “I can do it” attitude. Training programs may also be looked into since this may be advantageous to the company itself. Experienced employees have a lot to offer too. Learning from them is pretty much a good idea. They can be efficient in this sense.

Customer Satisfaction

Leave a comment on what you think is the best thing to do to help give customers great satisfaction.

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It is true what they say that not all aspiring writers become successful in their field. While it may be true that they have the best creative ideas in mind, the main problem here is that they might not have the creative writing ideas in mind. This is where a lot of aspiring writers would fail on.

creative writing ideas

There are different kinds of writers, actually. There are some who would merely “re-write” which means there is already, say, a famous movie about it and one has to make a book that will simply put into writing exactly what transpired in that movie. And then, that is where they make a book out of it. These are the copywriters. They just merely copy and write about it.

And then, there are the “creative writers”. These are the writers who write based on the idea that they have in mind. They wield their own thoughts and then they put it into action. That is how impressive these creative writers are.

How to be one?

Most writers or would be writers fall short on various downfalls of trying to become a better creative writer. These helpful guidelines and creative writing tips would help you fight off your writer’s block and continue on to becoming a much better writer.

  • Write.


Most would think it’s a cliché but this is where writer’s block starts. Most writers are just full of thinking that they forget about writing. Just… write and everything follows. You don’t have to be cruel to yourself. Forget about grammar and composition (Although surely, you should be one hell of an expert there!), just let those ideas be liquid.

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  • Read.


A writer can only be a good writer if he accepts his weakness that he only knows so much about everything. If a writer is fond of reading, then he will have lots of ideas and topics to write on. A successful writer is never arrogant of his knowledge. In fact, he hungers for more.

  • Love your drafts.


The best books ever written in history had ugly and erroneous drafts. Don’t be discouraged of them. It is just your blueprint to refining your article. In fact, don’t make a habit of throwing them to the bin. Keep them. Who knows, you might be able to conjure another great story from your “trash”.

  • Forget about word count. Deal with them later.


You will lose your writer’s inspiration if you start by getting all too technical. Forget about it being a 1000 word article, just create your story and deal with it later if your story will be a novel or just a short story. See, most writers would fail here. They are all technical but not heart. One should know that the key on how to improve writing skills is still – passion.

  • Go deeper.

Go Deeper

If at the end of the day, you just end up with a 2 page short story and you think it’s not spicy or catchy enough. Then, dig deeper. Let your imagination run this time.

  • Purge out your ugly writing.

Most writers start out poor on their words. This is good. It’s like turning on a water hose and the first thing that would come out is dirty water. So, let those “dirty water” words come out first and purge them all out.

  • Corroborate your writing.

Writing down ideas

If you plan to make a story, everything must have a cohesive plot and should not have any vagueness, even in its slightest tone.

  • Let it flow.

The stream of water flowing from the bottle.

Once you have made a steady and solid flow of plot for writing, and then just let all your writing juices flow. As mentioned, don’t over think and just do. There could be some great lines that you will be spilled there once you let all those creative juices out.

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  • Commit to writing.

Fountain pen writing the word commitment

Once it flows, make sure it you reach the end of that story. Middle writers can be a disappointment. Passion does not stop in mid sentence. It hurdles its way to the end and that should be how it should be done in creative writing too.

  • Start with it’s a story of someone who does something. And write from there.

high school student writing in classroom

If you just don’t know where to start, start with a story about someone who does something. This is why gossips are so interesting. They love to talk about other people. But this time, why not put into writing? This can be one of your great creative writing exercises as well.

What is that something that pushes you to write? Share your thoughts on this and maybe inspire other writers too.

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Finance marketing offers wide range of opportunities of careers, however, the job market itself are becoming increasingly competitive. As a fresh graduate of finance marketing course, it is very difficult to deal and compete with your fellow applicants or job searchers who already have experience concerning jobs in finance.


The first thing you need to do in order to stand out to the crowd is to surround yourself with people who help you and support you in achieving your dreams. They are the ones that can inspire you the most that enables to trigger and aspire you to succeed in life.

Financial Markets Today

financial markets

Basically, do not base your job search on the actual job, instead focus more with specific company you like the most. Consider a company that you want to be a part of. However, keep in mind that it is not all about the compensation; look for a company that offers careers in finance that will help you to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge about your profession.

Use the advantage of technology; it is much easier to inquire your job application through the use of the web. Sign up for newsletters and e-mails. Look for career openings that matches your skills and decide if the job description fits for you.

Outsourcing and Networking


Some large scale companies today are looking for freelancers, most of them outsource the job and look for the best online freelancer they can find. It allows you to have an opportunity while you are at the comforts of your home. Create a personal account with professional social media websites such as LinkedIn or These platforms can help you to find employers in any parts of the world.

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Corporate world


  • If you prefer to work in the city with the corporate world, you can ask some of your friends, family, and neighbors if they know someone who knows a financial market industry. The internet is your best choice when seeking for financial marketing career.
  • Use specific keywords and location using search engine, make some lists and try to contact them one by one. You can send your resume through email, or in some cases, companies do some initial interview online or on phone. By this way, you don’t have to worry about your travel expenses. However, remember to dress properly even if it is an online job interview. Ensure to avoid any distraction, it is highly recommended to use headphones instead of loud speaker.



  • Do not put on your resume unnecessary information about yourself. Focus on your education and attainments. As a fresh graduate, you may not be able to fill up job experience but on job trainings and seminars can be a factor.
  • If the position you after is about entry level finance jobs, emphasize what cases you have accomplished and what skills and knowledge you learned from your course. Don’t write long resume, companies could not read every resume inch by inch since they received bunch of resumes every day.
  • Make it a point that your resume can only be read in about a minute or two. 2 pages is enough with your full detail. Do not include your secondary and elementary education or you won some awards in a competition these are irrelevant.
  • Also do not dare to write fake content on your resume, otherwise the interviewer may took noticed of it, chances are you’ll put your reputation on the line. You will never have the chance to work with the company if they discovered that you are lying about your basic information.
  • Lastly, it is important to indicate the position you after, your resume should be based on the job positon you are seeking.

Friendly advice

Friendly Advice

Take some time to evaluate your goals, ask yourself what will you become five or ten years from now working with the specific company you like to work with. Are you planning to get a higher position after several years or to have a financial market business of your own?

While you are seeking for a decent job, you may consider accepting any job you can plausibly get regardless if it is related with your course or not. Keep in mind that the opportunity knocks at the door only ones, money is money and it is essential for your needs. For the meantime, you can get some experiences and learn some new things. If there is a chance in the company you are working with, that offers financial marketing job, it will be the chance of a lifetime.

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Choosing a career has always been a task we really didn’t want to face back when we should have. When we we’re kids, we always told our parents that we were going to astronauts, cowboys/girls, princesses, doctors, nurses, fire-fighters, and everything in between. The best career for me when I was a kid was to become an ice cream taster—and I still think that’s the best job of all time.

Top 5 Gold Text

There are sites who offer a list of careers that seemingly everyone wants but can’t really have. But they also have different opinions on what the best professions are— some are actually good while some are questionable for the majority of us. Offering suggestions such as being a freelance photographer to making your own online retail store just to name a few that are on the list.

Career Choice

It’s a matter of how to choose a career that is suitable to you is one of the biggest problems we ask ourselves. To make things easier, first you should consider what you are interested in. Find similar courses that fall under that interest, such as you are good at drawing, why not become a cartoonist or animator. Then what are the requirements needed to attain the path you have chosen.

Boy thinking about his future career

Choose a job that won’t make you feel like you’re working at all. Knowing your passion and having an interest in it will help you become more productive and won’t drag you down. You’ll never feel like work will be a burden and you don’t have to force yourself into it. Finding the right path will help you a lot in life because you get paid for just being who you are.

Top 5 Best Careers in the Future (According to Statistics)

We can never do away with statistics and graphs showing how we actually depend on the numerical value of an abstract word or verb. But here is the list:

  • Industrial- Organizational Psychologist

Woman by the psychologist

Having a yearly pay of roughly $84,000, this profession requires you to have a Master’s degree in education as well as training. The demand for and I-O psychologists have risen for the past few years and more high end companies are hiring. In case you’re wondering what you do in this job, you study an employee’s work habits and behaviour and then understand the theories behind it. Help to create a better work environment, employee’s well-being, and advocating teamwork.

  • Personal Care Aides


Another term for personal care aide is ‘caregiver’. Minimum requirement for education is elementary, this path helps you gain and estimated $20,000 annually. You work in your client’s home or at hospice facilities and health centres, taking care of them as well as aiding them in their recovery and needs.

  • Home Health Aides

Nurse taking the heartbeat of her patient

This is similar to being a caregiver, and also requires at the least a high school diploma; you have a salary of nearly $21,000 per year. You help the elderly or disabled in bathing, changing, grooming, and personal healthcare of your clients in their home or in a care facility. If you easily get tired or you have a phobia for germs, this career is mostly not the best choice.

  • Insulation Workers, Mechanical

worker measuring cutting tool

As the name states, you apply insulation to pipes, duct works, or mechanical systems to help in keeping the temperature balanced out. Racking in an astonishing pay of $40,000 yearly and requiring an educational background with the minimum of high school graduate.

  • Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and Translators

A bachelor’s degree is needed when applying to be an interpreter or translator. If you are good at languages and has a passion for culture, this is the job for you. This path pays out a whooping annual of $46,000.

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The list above is just a mere suggestion of what your options are. So you must ask yourself, “what is the best career for me?”, if it’s on the list provided or not. It is already cliché to say “follow your dreams” when you really think about it realistically, but there are endless possibilities. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any profession that appeals to you from the list.

Keep in mind that you have to be determined and inspired when you think about what path you should take. Only you have control over what will make you happy and how you can achieve that. Do not put yourself inside a box because you can create your own job if you can’t find them in the classified ads.

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