Top 100 Most Famed Women In History That Changed Our World

A list of famous inspirational women from around the world is presented here. The list includes women from various walks of life. They excelled in art, science, music, dance, and acting, poetry and story writers. There were great rulers as well. As you go through these famous personalities, you will understand their level of commitment, enthusiasm, and keenness to pursue excellence in their walk. There are extraordinary entrepreneurs, philanthropists and heads of state as well. However, it is difficult to pick top 100 women in the world. The list is presented here randomly and there might be more honorable and popular women in history as well.

1. Susan B. Anthony, (1820-1906)

1.Susan B. Anthony

Susan Brownell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts. This famous woman demonstrated great leadership skills. She was in the teaching profession for 15 years. She was the president of many societies and associations, including the Rochester Branch of the Daughters of Temperance which fought against alcohol.

In 1870, she founded the Working women’s Central Association. She fought for women’s rights and chose non-violent methods to bring change. In 1979, a dollar coin was released to honor her.

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With the advent and penetration of technology today, it is now easy to make money online with just a click of a button. 100 legitimate ways to make money easy right from the confines of your home are mentioned herewith.
1. Swagbucks


Sign up to and start getting paid for taking surveys online. Payment also comes in the form of gift cards and other offers that are too good to resist. You get paid for watching videos, surveys, doing shopping and easier activities.

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Inspiration is what keeps us moving forward in times of hardship and hopelessness. Every day is not the same isn’t it? Some days are really good but on some days things don’t go your way. Most of us find it difficult to deal with the adversities and misfortunes. Instead of making things right, we withdraw into our cocoon and go on blaming the creator. And then there are those, who wait for miracles to happen.

You must have been inspired at least once in your lifetime – maybe by seeing people overcome hardships or seeing them attain incredible achievements or even by reading quotes from successful people. Forget about people, even nature can inspire you immensely.

To develop a positive outlook towards life, being inspired is very important. Here are some wonderful inspirational quotes that will get you back on your feet when you feel like giving up…..

This is Your Life. This is Your Time. Motivational Quote.

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Technology has gone to a pretty huge level, and there is hardly anybody who does not have access to a computer and a network these days. Capitalizing on these, most youngsters today are looking at innovative ways to make additional revenue. Whether they are students or freshers at work, they are adopting these methods to make that additional money come in. For all those interested in a second revenue, without quite as much disturbing the equilibrium of the current work schedule this is a must read:

  1. Owning an internet site


This is the top most idea, and straight away you can invite your friends to like your page just like some of the social media sites and the network keeps spreading. Then you can invite advertisers as well, and the money just starts flowing slowly yet steadily.

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What you wear defines who you are, according to experts. When you want to climb up the corporate ladder, it is very important that you dress appropriately. If you have big dreams and aspirations, you can still dress like you are the boss, though you are not one yet. This will be great practice for you when you become the boss shortly. Here are ten ways in which you can get this professional, high-profile look.

  1. Trousers, Blazers, Pencil Skirts and more


When you want to dress up as your boss, you have to mandatory invest in some nice pieces of attire like blazers, suits, trousers, pencil skirts, neckties, cufflinks and the like. Start wearing these on a daily basis and watch people giving you second glances. Choose subtle colors like grey, black, beige, brown, etc. to get a nice professional look.

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In the present trend, the word is more appreciative of smart workers rather hard workers. All of us today are looking at options where we can make more money with minimal effort. However there is a huge difference between making quick money and making money more effectively, and our focus is entirely on the latter aspect. This is more suited for entrepreneurs who are looking at increasing their net profits for the same efforts that they spend.

  1. Delegate


The key to increased productivity is delegation. Find more people to do the work while you focus your energy on finding more work. You should never decide to do everything by yourself, which is a very bad leadership trait. Have people at junior levels to do that work while you use your time and energy to focus on bigger things. If you spend time doing the low-level jobs, then the higher levels of income are always going to be a far-fetched dream.

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Thanks to the implementation of algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and the recently introduced Pigeon, it is now next to impossible for owners of online stores to fall back on black hat tactics to enhance the page rankings of their website. Owners of thousands of websites, using illegal means to promote their websites, found a massive drop in the page rankings of the same.

Email Marketing

The anti spam team of the search engine behemoth went to the extent of removing websites, which did not comply with their rules, from its index. The owners of such websites had no option left apart from removing all faulty codes like keyword stuffing, backlinks from dubious websites etc., from their website. However, it would now take them ages to regain the page ranking they enjoyed in the past. Does this mean that the owners of such websites do not have any option left to market their new products and services to their customers?

Advantage email marketing

The implementation of these algorithms did not affect the owners of certain websites, despite the fact that they too used black hat tactics, since they had the foresight to create an email list and used the same to send updates about their latest offerings to their clients. However, it is extremely difficult to manually maintain a huge list of contacts, sending emails to them about new products and services on a regular basis, and deleting the contact information of those who do not wish to receive updates in the future.

Man holding metallic at symbol over eye

It is in such a scenario that integrated email marketing & autoresponders like AWeber and MailChimp come to the fore. Your staff no longer needs to sit in front of their computer 24 x 7 to reply to someone who wants to join your mailing list, send them an email to confirm its authenticity, and wait for their confirmation before adding them to your mailing list. The two programs mentioned above perform the task automatically.

Learn More: Things To Know Before You Use Free HTML Email Templates

Automation to the fore

Laptop computer and hand with letter on grass

These programs automatically send an email to a new subscriber the moment he/ she fills up an online form and clicks on the submit button. These programs do not merge the email id of an individual into the mailing list unless he/ she clicks on a link, included in the mail sent to him/ her by those programs. If someone wants to unsubscribe from a mailing list, he/ she should click on the `unsubscribe’ link inserted by MailChimp & AWeber at the bottom of the newsletter. The software automatically removes that individual from the mailing list and generates a message on his/ her screen stating `You have been unsubscribed from xyz.’

The price factor

The high cost charged is the sole drawback of both these programs. A glance at the AWeber pricing list reveals that they charge a minimum of $19 per month for maintaining a mailing list of 500 subscribers or less. MailChimp, on the other hand, offers a basic plan through which one can maintain a list of 2,000 subscribers without any charge. However, they allow the list owner to send only 12,000 emails per month. If you have 2,000 subscribers on your mailing list, you can only send six newsletters per month. Apart from this, you do not get any bells and whistles like client email confirmation and autoresponders with this plan. For that, one needs to pay $10 per month and have to restrict the number of their subscribers to 500. Therefore, MailChimp is not feasible as an AWeber alternative.

Internet Cart

However, this does not mean that one cannot gain access to a autoresponder & mailing list service without burning a hole in their pocket. GetResponse is a cheaper MailChimp alternatives. They charge $12.30 per month if the client pays for one year upfront for their basic service, which supports a subscriber base of 1,000 along with autoresponder and other utilities provided by AWeber & MailChimp.

Free email marketing

Many individuals who have just started their online store often search for alternatives to MailChimp. They are on the lookout for a free, yet professional, service that they can use to send newsletters to their clients. They also want all the advantages such as email confirmation and autoresponder services included. They should look no further than Listwire. This company provides all the features of MailChimp and AWeber, without any charge.

Free email marketing

If you have just started a new online store, you should definitely check their offer. You can rest assured that you will never look for any other alternative again. Manage your mailing list without sweating or burning a hole in your pocket.

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Blogs provide one of the best possible methods to increase the page ranking of your website. While there are several platforms offering this option, none of them can boast of the ease of use that WordPress provides. If this is not enough, a wide variety of third party plugins, that make tasks like adding content, images, new pages, keeping track of visitors, and much more that WordPress provides. Add to this a user friendly interface, and it becomes easy to understand why this blogging platform is so popular amongst webmasters.

Global communication concept


It is time that you too made use of this powerful software to increase the popularity of your website. Like most new users, you too might be wondering if there is any need to search for the cheapest WordPress hosting plan, when offers the same free.

The benefits of opting for is that you have the freedom of using the theme of your choice, have the ability to include fancy jQuery elements, and even change the core PHP. Apart from this, you can also install time saving third party plugins and have the option of using your own domain. Why opt for when you can get the WordPress option under your own domain by paying a bit more?

Selecting a suitable web host

Before purchasing the services of a web host, check if they offer WordPress as a part of the deal. You will be surprised to know that most popular web hosting companies include this option free. Therefore, there is no need for you to hunt around for cheap web hosting WordPress offers. Most Linux based hosts give you an option to test a demo version of their control panel (cPanel). You can use it to check how easy it is to use that GUI (graphical user interface) and how quickly you can use it to install and configure the WordPress script.



There are several options you should consider when searching for WordPress hosting cheap. Check if the host offers you a shared server instead of a dedicated one. It is extremely important to opt for the latter, especially if you plan to set up an e-commerce website. This vastly reduces the chances of your website being hacked.

Learn More:  Bluehost Vs HostGator Vs DreamHost: Know Your Facts And Decide

Check the number of templates

It is a wise idea to check the number of WordPress templates offered by the hosting company. Check if their personnel will help you to edit and configure this software without any extra charge. While this software is easy to setup and use, editing the template requires a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The options provided by WordPress are unlimited. You can add widgets to link your blog with other services such as Google Maps, your Twitter feed, and much more. Apart from this, you will also find thousands of WordPress plugins that help to automate your task.

wordpress templates

Check the amount of disk space offered by the host along with the bandwidth they offer. This is important if you plan to use your blog to promote and sell software or other digital goods like songs, stock graphics, and movies. This will eat up lots of bandwidth, especially if promote popular stuff and visitors download the same on a regular basis.

Other things that you should check

Wordpress hosting

You should check the downtime of the server. Do not go for a cheap WordPress hosting plan if the host does not guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. Remember, you might end up losing potential clients if they try to visit your website and find that it is down. You should also check if the resources offered by the host are sufficient for hosting your blog. If necessary, check their testimonial page, get in touch with a few of their clients, and ask them about their experience with that hosting client. This is necessary because certain companies publish false reviews, despite the fact that this is unfair business practice.

Fees and hosts

Hosting word and Servers

Instead of searching for the cheapest WordPress hosting services available, make a list of a few reliable hosts and then find out which one offers you the best value for your money. While there are many reliable web hosts such as Wpengine, HostGator, FatCow, GoDaddy, Bluehost etc.,, the company that powers the WordPress platform, would be the ideal choice for hosting your blog. You should also check the money back policy of the host, the disk space & bandwidth, the level of security implemented by them, and if they offer customer support 24 x 7 before signing on the dotted line.

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HTML email templates

email template

Before we go for free html e-mail templates, let us have a look first at what  html e-mail templates are. Html e-mail templates are most widely used for email campaigns where you send an email to a wide number of potential customers. Similarly, they may be used for regular email newsletters that get sent to people who have subscribed to your newsletter. The alternative to html email is the plain text email. In the following, we will have a brief look at both of them and will discuss the pros and cons of both.

HTML templates and plain text email

E-Mail concept

Html templates are designed and coded similarly as in an html website. They may contain words, colors, photos, tables, columns, links, etc. Plain text email, on the other hand, is simply one which contains a plain text and does not need any kind of coding. It then needs hardly any thinking, at all, to understand that html emails are always preferred by marketers. Html templates are way more attractive than plain text emails and will capture the imagination of the reader in a stronger way.

However, there are some catches here.

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The first thing to understand is that html templates take longer to open than normal html websites. For this reason, various elements in a html template may be blocked by an email client (such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and no matter how much time your designer has devoted in coming up with a thoroughly attractive template, the end user may still see it in a much distorted shape.

For example, Gmail will, by default, block all the images that are part of an html email template, although the users have an option to watch the mail with the images if they so prefer. Often also the text justification, etc. will be changed for the end user.

email marketing

This often makes using html template for marketing campaigns a somewhat tricky affair. Coding is another important point regarding html templates. Any sloppy coding and you can rest assured that your email will end up sitting in the spam folder of the user’s email account. Html templates, for this reason, need to use CSS coding in very specific ways to prevent the email client recognising it as spam.

This is not the end of it. At least 20% of the end users are going to read your mail on their mobile or tablet devices. Many of these platforms do not support html emails, or just convert them to plain text emails for the users. So, these are some of the things you must keep in mind before you go search the net for free html templates.

Free html email templates

If you are an online marketer and you are working on a tight budget, free html templates are one thing which can help you to cut corners. Marketers normally hire their own designers and coders for their email campaigns and the above discussion will give you some idea why. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the free templates that are available out there to good effect.

E-Mail concept

However, when you do so, you will need to keep the points discussed above in mind. To sum it up again, you need to see:

  • If the templates are properly coded.
  • If the templates are responsive (i.e., compliant to different platforms).
  • If the templates are spam-proof.

There are many sites in the net who are offering free templates, but you need to do your research before using any of them. It is a good idea to have a free template checked by a professional web developer before you decide to use it.

This way you will get to know whether or not the template is properly coded and if it won’t end up on the spam folder.

laptop and mail

It is also a good idea to include both html coding and plain text for your campaign e-mail. This way, you make sure that your free email templates or email newsletter templates would be accepted by all email clients, even if some of them show it on the plain text format. In fact, some clients require that you add a plain text version with your html template, or they will automatically channel your mail to the spam folder.

So, these are just few of things you need to remember before you use free templates for your campaign. Having said this, there are many websites that offer free templates which are properly coded and are responsive, too. Research your options well, and it should not be difficult to get a hold of such good templates.

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5 Steps Guide to Writing Your First Book

Most would think that writing a book is as easy as making a sandwich. Just because you have the talent doesn’t mean that you are very much well equipped to do the challenge. One should know that it can be a terrible thing if you start to write your book. More so, it can also be quite a challenging thing if you would even attempt to start writing your book.

Young people and education, woman studying for university test

A lot of writers would usually experience that phase in their career called the “writer’s block”. Why is this happening and why do a lot of writers suffer this condition? Honestly, the very cause of this condition is the lack of heart and the too much pressure or thinking. This can be very much common among writers who consider it to be their way of living already.

Instead of doing that one great book, they are too engrossed with the commercial phase of their career. The publisher might be pressuring him for the book, or the agent might have put the writer in trouble as to getting in a contract that the writer might not be unable to finish on time. These are the common reasons why writing a book can be a very stressful thing.

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