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Swimsuit designs have undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. Gone are the days when women considered swimsuits to be just a bikini or clothing to wear while swimming. New and innovative designs have been introduced in these clothing styles in the recent past. Here is a look at fifteen such extraordinary and creative designs.

1. Burkini

This is the name given to a dress which is a combination of the burka and a bikini. Designed by Ahiida (an Australian company), this swimsuit follows the values and tradition of the Islamic religion.

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Sexy blond woman in white dress


Wedding dresses are the statement of a bride’s happiness due to her most-awaited big day. The different gown designs are not limited as to the mere standard of neatness or beauty. The gowns have to speak of a deeper psychological expression from within the very strands of the bride’s out bursting emotions. The kind of wedding dress is solely parallel to the general motif of the wedding scene. More or less, choosing the wedding motif will have to be the very first step towards a giant leap. That is why, a bride will have to have both terms between a wedding planner and a hair and make-up artists agreed upon.

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Collage of photo with woman in wedding dress


The ultimate presence of hair specialists is what is needed to ensure the right seams, curves and threads in a bride’s dress. Wedding fashion designers should know the right peripheries for beautifying the bride’s dress without risking the subtlety.

To be further safe, make sure to contact a trusted fashion designer, beautician and stylists to have your dress done successfully without having to painstakingly collect the pictures of wedding dresses. Designing gowns are skillfully manipulated to coincide with the hair’s granules and texture. A perfect wedding outfit should not appear overdone, especially in weddings. Elsewhere, it would be an eye-sore

Things to consider in when you design your own wedding dress:

The beautiful  woman posing in a wedding dress

  1. Consider the significance of the style to the hair color. For blond hairs, dark thematic colors of dress are a perfect complementary. Once, the right blend is considered, the color of the gown will definitely shine bright like a diamond. For brunette hairs, natural–looking styles, make-up and outfit are important factors.
  2. Don’t overdo the gown and forget the face. Even if the dress seems to be the moral subject in the situation, it is still equally important to detox the skin texture in the face. With all these ensured, perfect complementation is achieved.
  3. Set an allowance of at least months when you plan to make some adjustments into your wedding dress before the wedding day. Should you decide to do some adjustments in the waistline, always remember that it has to take 6 months at most before you finally redesign to your gown. Although some tailors and seamstresses can do fast adjustments, another thing to consider are the expenses; notwithstanding when you are purchasing the most expensive wedding dress.

What to Look for in Terms of Wedding Veils to Complement your Princess Wedding Dresses

Princess Wedding Dresses

  • The main thing you need to look for when it comes to wedding veils is the right transparency, length, and thickness. You don’t want to end up with a veil so thick that you couldn’t see anything out of it. You should also avoid having to buy a veil that’s too big, too ruffled, too transparent, or too anything in light of your wedding dress. It’s an accessory, such that it could ruin your dress if it doesn’t complement it.
  • You wouldn’t wear high heels on casual wear, so you wouldn’t wear an ostentatious veil on a simple wedding dress either. Just as the wrong shoes could end up making your dress look tacky (or, to the fashionably challenge, make it look like something is amiss but they can’t quite put their finger on it), so does the wrong veil because the veil is a dress “accessory” in and of itself.
  • The veil is your calling card that reveals you’re a bride. While going through the bridal dresses that are designed to catch the attention of everyone inside the church, ballroom, garden, beach, or wherever else you plan to get wedded, your veil design should not be overlooked, because if your dress is perfect, then the wrong veil would stick out like a sore thumb.


Now, in the 16th down to the 20th century, conscious damsels are shifting tastes to lightweight and cool wedding dresses. Women are more critical in the inner manifestations of fashion rather than the form. Mores so, it has been noticeable nowadays that women have become more particular in matching the trinkets to the color of their entire wedding signature.

Wedding dresses

Thus, during weddings, women present elegance in lesser put-ups. And so, simplistic gowns in the modern era can be safely presumed as substantial. Less is, indeed more in the modern construct. But the most relevant attitude among women towards modern gown fashion is their perennial attachment to stones and jewelry.

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woman doing laundry

Laundering is time consuming, so washing machines are always present in the homes of Americans. Clothes have different types too, in accordance to the texture or color. So in washing them, it must be properly selected according to their kind.

Different Kinds of Clothes

girl tossing clothes

There is a thicker type of fabric, smooth, and even the silk colors that can influence how they are washed. This matters in the process of separating clothes before placing it in the washing machine. For the cooler temperate areas, people use thicker clothes so washing has to be thorough. While to the moderate temperature places, people dress not in pieces that are not too thick and not too thin. The place will really matter on how the people dress and the corresponding laundry will also follow.

Manual or Machine Washing?

Young beautiful woman using a washing machine

So now I want to tackle to you the basic on how to wash clothes with or without washing machines. Let us first start with the washing machine. There are different types of washing machines but all of them have a common feature, and that is the spin speed.

  • My first tip is that before washing the clothes

The nice girl is washing clothes

Identify its kind, through selecting what clothes you are going to place first, and what to put last, you will save some detergent. The most common is to choose white clothes first before colored ones to avoid staining.

  • If you are done with white clothes


Do not use the used powder in the colored dresses. Why? Because the colored cotton might dull out after washing. To maintain the vibrancy of your colored dress, be sure to follow this.

  • The third tip is to save powder

Be sure to separate the light colors like yellow, light pink, yellow green, and lavender from the strong colors like dark blue, red, maroon, violet. Always wash the lighter colored ones first.

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  • There are clothes that whose colors will also affect others

Be sure to wash these clothes in the last part. The spin speed matters, depending on how thick your clothes are.

How Much Detergent Must Be Used

Washing detergent and washing machine

Generally, ⅓ cup of detergent should be used for a small load, ⅔ for a medium load, and a whole cup is needed for a large load. But despite this, you should still read the bottle for instructions with regards to how to use your preferred detergent. Take note that some brands of detergents are more concentrated than others, and this means that you will not need to use it as much as others.

Being Efficient

A dryer consumes much more electricity, so if the weather is sunny, it is better to dry your clothes outside. There are a lot of benefits if you do this. First, you will have sanitized clothes because the sun’s heat is a natural sterilizer. It has radiation that kills harmful microorganisms, including bacteria. See how you can benefit a lot in drying your clothes outdoor? Second, this process will also save your electricity.


The tips in washing clothes without the use of the washing machine is similar should be noted down if you want to effectively wash your clothes while maintaining your budget. Buying your own machine for washing is the best solution for this.

If you not a busy person, and if you have lots of time, it is also good to enjoy laundering using both hands. Hand washing will help with scrutinizing the dirt so you can focus on the part of the dress that has a stain. You will be able to clean in thoroughly with the use of bleach, if it is required.

On Using Bleach

There are two different kinds of bleach that you can choose from. The first one is chlorine bleach, and this is good for maintaining and washing white clothes, but should never be used on any colored fabric. The all-fabric bleach, which is the second type can be used on colored fabrics. You should know which one is used for what in order to avoid troubles with washing.

woman putting whitener in to washing machine

We have different styles in laundering, some only throw it in washing machines, then in the dryer, and after a minute, it’s done. But if you are conscious in washing your clothes, you must really check the methods of properly doing it, especially in using the laundering machine. You must also read the manual to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the machine. Those tips are just a few of the primary hints on how to wash your clothes. Leave some comments about your best techniques for washing too!

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Everyone is conscious about their style and fashion, and because of social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can post photos of yourself with your own fashion statement with the hashtag #OOTD. Even men are getting more and more conscious on how they are dressed. How to dress well men depends on his height, built, activities and his interests, so it means that each one is unique.

Your looks says a lot about yourself, so you must be very careful how you dress.  Being well-dressed will help you look more competent, intelligent and classy. It also works to boost your confidence.

Physical appearance may not always matter, but it does speak about our social standing and professional achievements. When finding a job, employers will make a first impression on how you dress and carry yourself. If you do it well and you have that confidence in you, then you increase the chance of getting hired.

Now reality check, here are some guidelines how to dress properly.

  • Body Type

body type

To successfully dress yourself, you must first identify your body type of course you don’t want to look like a walking hanger or an old maid. How to know your body type? First, examine your body and focus on the shape of your torso, the length of your arms and legs, and the width of your shoulders. Using a tape measure, know the measures of your waist, arms, thighs, and your hips. You need to take note of your assets and flaws, so you know what to hide and emphasize.

  • Lifestyle


Identify your activities. Know the things that you’re really into. If you are more of a sporty, then invest in clothes that will project what you really like. If you spend most of your time in the office, then invest more on formal and corporate clothes. Knowing your lifestyle is important to get started with proper dressing up.

  • Wardrobe


After you identify your lifestyle, you can visit your wardrobe and check if the clothes you are used to wear are appropriate for you. Remember that you should buy more clothes that you wear the most. You can start to buy at least 5 pairs that would be possible for mix and match.

Accessories say a lot too, because it accentuates your sense of style. Set your budget if you want to start for a small closet first, you should have clothes appropriate for different types of occasions. Ideally, you must first settle for a small closet because it only requires a minimal budget.

  • No to Impulsive Buying


Don’t spend too much money on clothes that you will not wear at all. Most of us, especially girls, have a closet full of clothes, but we still have a dilemma on what to wear on different occasions. Remember that if you buy clothes, look for that you will certainly wear. Stop the “swipe-swipe” syndrome! Build a wardrobe that will be stuffed with clothes of your lifestyle to decrease your stress level.

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  • Comfort and Fit

comfort and fit

If you are comfortable with what you wear, you will certainly rock. You can carry the clothes properly, because you are at your best when you wear them. If you invest on clothes, consider that you will spend money, so always go for clothes that perfectly fit and those that don’t require altering.  Know what not to wear tips from fashion experts.

  • Formality

rochii Maya Fashion

Formality comes in 4 levels as per Judith Rasband. First is relaxed, these are the comfortable clothes you used to wear for gardening, watching TV and exercising. The informal, these are the casual clothes you wear when you go out with friends, walk in the park or dine in a restaurant. Third is semi-formal, these are the clothes you wear when you go to church or theatre. You may also ponder on the question of what to wear at work? The formal or corporate clothes, these are dresses that we usually wear on job interviews and client meetings.

You can engage with a group of people who can provide feedback on how you look. Your body is unique and there are a dozen of outfit that will look fantastic on you. Make use of the social media, to gather comments and opinions, post photos with different outfits and encourage them to make a comment, a good to boost your confidence and the bad ones for you to improve.

You impose your image on how you dress yourself, it boosts your confidence and lift your positive outlook in life. Fashion is an expression so you can say more about yourself if you know how to dress well. Share your thoughts on fashion and dressing up! Leave a comment!

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Washing your clothes is one of your everyday tasks. Of course, you have to wash your clothes in order to remove the dirt and smell so that you can wear it again. Clothes aren’t disposable things so you have to wash them every now and then. On the other hand, it is really stressful to wash clothes, especially if there is plenty of it.


Recycle washing machine 3d

Using a washer or also known as washing machine is the best option you should go for in order to alleviate the effort you will exert for washing your clothes.

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More and more people buy their own washing machine so that they can do the washing with ease and in less time possible. This is better than bringing your clothes in a laundry shop because there is a slim possibility that you might lose your favorite shirt because it was misplaced or damaged. But since you have already decided to do your laundry by yourself and since you frequently use your washing machine, it is important that you know how to clean washer to maintain its functionality.

Important tips on how to clean a washing machine

  • Remove the load first.


remove the load

When cleaning a washing machine, you have to take away the load first out of the machine. This will prevent your washer to have a stinky smell. Of course, this would transfer into your clothes if you won’t keep your washer empty every after use. The smell of used clothes will be stuck inside.

  • Do the cleaning of your washer regularly.

woman and man doing laundry

If you want your washer to function the right way, even after years of use, then cleaning it once in a while is a good idea. There are various products that you can use for cleaning, which includes the following below. You have to assure that it is safe for the machine or else you will just cause damage to it. It is advisable that you use natural products rather than those you can buy from the market.

Some Cleaning Products for Washing Machines

cleaning products

* To reduce the effects of rust, using baking soda is suitable because of its alkaline content.

* Use lime juice to remove rust in your washer.

* Using vinegar can help you eliminate molds that can damage your washing machine if not eliminated right away.

  • Leave the door of your washer slightly open.

Leave  the door

If you keep your washer open after using it, then there would be a circulation of air that will easily dry out the moisture. Check the dispenser drawers and keep it free from water and fabric softener. You can also consider reading the manual of your washer so that you can have an idea on how you will clean it up the proper way.

  • Remove your pet’s hair with a vacuum.


It is just a usual thing to see the hair of your pet inside your washer. You have to let the hair dry first before you can remove it. It would be hard for you to get rid of this hair if it is still wet and you’ll just be wasting your time doing it. The door of your washer should be partly open so that the hair will easily dry out and that would be the time that you can take it away from your washing machine.

  • Clean the exterior part of your washer.


Young attractive smiling worker in uniform, background

After cleaning the inner part of your washing machine, it is also important that you clean the exterior as well. You can use a soft cloth to wipe it out instead of an abrasive material. This will keep your washer away from getting scratched.

  • Clean the hose filters.

These filters are located inside the inlet connections. If you failed to clean this part then there would be a problem with the flow of water in your washing machine. Debris and minerals are stored in your hose filters so you better check this part every now and then.


It is essential that you know how to clean your washing machine, especially for homeowners or mothers who often do the washing at home. Investing money for this equipment can be maximized if you know how to maintain its functioning.

No need for you to hire a service provider because with various procedures you can obtain online, you can clean your washer with less hassle. You can also prevent buying a new washing machine because even if you use it for several years. You can still have the assurance of its efficiency as long as you are patient enough to clean it from time to time.

What do you think are the best techniques for washing? Leave comments and share your thoughts.

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