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Swimsuit designs have undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. Gone are the days when women considered swimsuits to be just a bikini or clothing to wear while swimming. New and innovative designs have been introduced in these clothing styles in the recent past. Here is a look at fifteen such extraordinary and creative designs.

1. Burkini

This is the name given to a dress which is a combination of the burka and a bikini. Designed by Ahiida (an Australian company), this swimsuit follows the values and tradition of the Islamic religion.

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The world has seen some hot women golfers who have made the game more interesting than it already is. With their adorable looks and excellent moves on the golf course, these women have managed to raise temperatures among the spectators. Here, we take a look at 25 hot women golfers who are excellent combinations of beauty and talent.

1. Beatriz Recari
1This Spanish professional golfer took to the sport at a tender age of eleven. She participated in many competitions and won the Amateur Championships in 2004 and 2005. She turned professional when she was 18 and is a treat to watch on the course.

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Thought celebrities can’t fail at the beach scene? We’ve collected a good number of “instances” where even the most demure and dapper celebrities looked out of place!


1 – Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr is known for her full breasts, so when she accidentally flashed the whole world with her toppers, it wasn’t quite that surprising. They look heavier by the day, don’t you think?

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100 Stunning Balayage Hair Color Ideas

What is Balayage?
In the French language, Balayage means to paint. Balayage hair colour ideas are nothing but ideas to give one’s hair a natural colour, without an iota of artificial look in it. With this method of hair colours, one’s hair looks soft, stylish, wavy and classy. Here are 100 Balayage hair colour ideas that you can implement with your hair.

1. Long Blonde Beauty Hair

Beautiful woman with magnificent hair

Give a nice texture to your long hair by using natural balayage blonde hair colour. Get that killer looks when you apply this natural blonde hair colour on your hair. Whether you want your blonde hair to flow in waves or to stand straight, balayage blonde natural hair colour will do wonders to your hair. It suits women of all age groups and can be used for all hair lengths.

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100 Photo-shoot Ideas For Bride And Groom That You Never Imagined Before

Are you about to marry? In that case, apart from planning for a party or choosing new dresses, you also need to think about wedding photography. Wedding photographs are an integral part of marriage and help in preserving beautiful memories. So, the poses you strike and the places you select to click the photos are very important. The monotonous wedding photo-shoot ideas might not interest you. So, we have as many as hundred new photo-shoot ideas for the bride and the groom:-

  1. The Ball-Room Pose:-

Bride and groom dancing

This is one of the most classic poses that you can try. It requires you to stand simply in a manner as if you are about to begin dancing, wearing your wedding dresses.

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Pregnancy is the desire of every woman, and she is ready to sacrifice anything and everything for the baby.  It is perceived as a boon from God, and therefore, pregnancy is taken very seriously. All newly married couples take some time off to themselves and anytime from twelve to eighteen months after their marriage, decide to have a baby. So what are the prerequisites for a healthy pregnancy? Read on to know them.

  1. Go off birth control pills and give a three-month cycle

Go-off-birth-control-pillsSince most couples must have been on contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, it must be a good move to go off these pills and let the biological clock get back to normal. A three month period without the contraceptives and normal periods must set the body to its normal cycle and then the couples can try for normal conception after this three month period timeframe, thereby ensuring there is no impact from the birth control pills.

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Applying makeup is an art. However, if you thought that only professionals can master it, you are badly mistaken. With the simple tips and tricks mentioned below, anybody can become an expert makeup artist.

  1. Right application of blush

Right application of blush

Applying the right amount of blush in the right way according to the shape of your face is one of the best tips that you need to follow to get a professional touch to your makeup application. When the blush is right, you not only conceal your uneven features, but you also add beauty to your existing features.

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Women and men worry at the sight of purplish or reddish lines that they have in the arm, leg, or abdominal area because these are the clear signs of stretch marks. These marks are becoming more and more common as obesity rates skyrocket and more people attempt to lose weight as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to be caught sporting the markings while wearing a bikini or some sort of swimsuit. So what causes stretch marks?

Mask for skin thighs against stretch marks and cellulite

Anything that can stretch your skin can cause stretch marks when that something is gone, like losing a lot of weight after being fat for so long or giving birth to a baby, resulting in stomach stretch marks. If you want a beach-type body, you need to get rid of your stretch marks post-haste. That is definitely a necessity. Stretch mark development is more common than you think and more inevitable than you would likely believe.

The Truth about Stretch Marks

  • A Variety of Causes

There is a ton of causes for stretch marks. If your body undergoes physical change, then chances are you’ll get stretch marks. Being overweight or being pregnant is only part of the story when it comes to stretch mark formation. In regards to how to hide stretch marks, either you can put makeup on the affected area to make them less noticeable or wear more body covering clothes if not layers upon layers of clothing articles altogether to minimize exposing those skin folds.

Asian woman in swim suit showing her stretch marks

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You can get a number of marks in the different parts of your body whenever you experience growth spurts as a young adolescent exactly because your skin is being stretched out suddenly. It’s like a rubber band losing its elasticity the more you use it. This is just something that naturally occurs when something sudden happens. Rapid changes to your skin that stretches it to the most possible extent will naturally result in stretch marks.

  • A Deeper Look into Stretched Dermis 

If your skin is stretched to the point of breaking down, like anything elastic, you will see some tears and markings start to appear. The markings are actually a defensive mechanism of sorts to keep the stretched skin from tearing itself apart when stretched; the markings are caused by additional collagen to repair dermis and fiber damage. When you take a large amount of steroids, your skin goes through the same dermal stress.

Asian woman showing her stretch marks

Excessive steroid doping can do a number on your skin. With that in mind, let’s now discuss how to get rid of stretch marks. Actually, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, so to avoid stretch marks (rather than how do you get rid of stretch marks) you should avoid steroid doping and getting fat or pregnant. If it’s something unavoidable with growth spurts or if you want to have babies, then here’s what you should do.

  • Get Rid of Stretch Marks the Natural Way

When it comes to losing stretch marks, your body knows best. In other words, you should let your body handle it and heal. You can assist your body in its endeavors when it comes to how to lose stretch marks by having a healthy diet. The more rejuvenating nutrients you have, the more you’ll be able to deal with healing damage done to your body. Research on what a healthy food serving is for you.

Spa Woman

Obesity, weight gain, and pregnancy can all cause stretch marks, so make sure your skin is protected by having an average weight or even undergoing bodybuilding so that your skin will take on the contour of your muscles more than your fat. Exercise every day to ensure that you can say goodbye to stretch marks altogether. It’s all about discipline and patience. Don’t ever forget your body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

  • Pick the Right Creams

There are creams available out on the market today that can make sure that your unsightly marks and scars will disappear without you having to resort to cosmetic surgery to get rid of these markings and uneven folds. Topical medicine in the form of lotions, ointments, and creams should be studied and researched so that you won’t end up with ineffective snake oil.

Young smiling girl with body cream

If you truly want to get rid of stretch marks, you should have the right topical formulas that are prescription-based. Sure, there are OTC anti-stretch-mark creams out there, but these make use of holistic properties of marking removal that might take too long for those who want more immediate results when it comes to the dermatological removal of these wrinkles. Consult your dermatologist for more information regarding prescription stretch mark creams.

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Sexy blond woman in white dress


Wedding dresses are the statement of a bride’s happiness due to her most-awaited big day. The different gown designs are not limited as to the mere standard of neatness or beauty. The gowns have to speak of a deeper psychological expression from within the very strands of the bride’s out bursting emotions. The kind of wedding dress is solely parallel to the general motif of the wedding scene. More or less, choosing the wedding motif will have to be the very first step towards a giant leap. That is why, a bride will have to have both terms between a wedding planner and a hair and make-up artists agreed upon.

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Collage of photo with woman in wedding dress


The ultimate presence of hair specialists is what is needed to ensure the right seams, curves and threads in a bride’s dress. Wedding fashion designers should know the right peripheries for beautifying the bride’s dress without risking the subtlety.

To be further safe, make sure to contact a trusted fashion designer, beautician and stylists to have your dress done successfully without having to painstakingly collect the pictures of wedding dresses. Designing gowns are skillfully manipulated to coincide with the hair’s granules and texture. A perfect wedding outfit should not appear overdone, especially in weddings. Elsewhere, it would be an eye-sore

Things to consider in when you design your own wedding dress:

The beautiful  woman posing in a wedding dress

  1. Consider the significance of the style to the hair color. For blond hairs, dark thematic colors of dress are a perfect complementary. Once, the right blend is considered, the color of the gown will definitely shine bright like a diamond. For brunette hairs, natural–looking styles, make-up and outfit are important factors.
  2. Don’t overdo the gown and forget the face. Even if the dress seems to be the moral subject in the situation, it is still equally important to detox the skin texture in the face. With all these ensured, perfect complementation is achieved.
  3. Set an allowance of at least months when you plan to make some adjustments into your wedding dress before the wedding day. Should you decide to do some adjustments in the waistline, always remember that it has to take 6 months at most before you finally redesign to your gown. Although some tailors and seamstresses can do fast adjustments, another thing to consider are the expenses; notwithstanding when you are purchasing the most expensive wedding dress.

What to Look for in Terms of Wedding Veils to Complement your Princess Wedding Dresses

Princess Wedding Dresses

  • The main thing you need to look for when it comes to wedding veils is the right transparency, length, and thickness. You don’t want to end up with a veil so thick that you couldn’t see anything out of it. You should also avoid having to buy a veil that’s too big, too ruffled, too transparent, or too anything in light of your wedding dress. It’s an accessory, such that it could ruin your dress if it doesn’t complement it.
  • You wouldn’t wear high heels on casual wear, so you wouldn’t wear an ostentatious veil on a simple wedding dress either. Just as the wrong shoes could end up making your dress look tacky (or, to the fashionably challenge, make it look like something is amiss but they can’t quite put their finger on it), so does the wrong veil because the veil is a dress “accessory” in and of itself.
  • The veil is your calling card that reveals you’re a bride. While going through the bridal dresses that are designed to catch the attention of everyone inside the church, ballroom, garden, beach, or wherever else you plan to get wedded, your veil design should not be overlooked, because if your dress is perfect, then the wrong veil would stick out like a sore thumb.


Now, in the 16th down to the 20th century, conscious damsels are shifting tastes to lightweight and cool wedding dresses. Women are more critical in the inner manifestations of fashion rather than the form. Mores so, it has been noticeable nowadays that women have become more particular in matching the trinkets to the color of their entire wedding signature.

Wedding dresses

Thus, during weddings, women present elegance in lesser put-ups. And so, simplistic gowns in the modern era can be safely presumed as substantial. Less is, indeed more in the modern construct. But the most relevant attitude among women towards modern gown fashion is their perennial attachment to stones and jewelry.

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