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Losing weight means that you have to diet, but that doesn’t mean that you need to skip meals completely to the point where you’re passionate to stay hungry in exchange of a nice body. To be honest, that’s suicide and not diet anymore because you might lose a lot of energy and can make you frail despite of your efforts in making yourself look better. Dieting means you just need to eat the right way.

There are some weight loss recipes that you can encounter for the sake of a better way of eating while you’re planning to cut down some unnecessary pounds in your body, and these are proven to be very effective as it will never make you gain weight ever again along with the fact that it can also make you healthier and energetic as well.

Take note that these foods have low calories. These best foods for weight loss are guaranteed to be the finest foods that you can take, and rest assured that you will be able to have a nice diet while you give yourself some nice foods that will never give you a lot of weight. So be sure to try these foods for losing weight which are perfect for pre and post workout purposes as well:

  • Dark Chocolate


It’s a well known fact that chocolate can make you gain weight despite of its wonderful properties in making you happier, energetic, and the fact that it has a wonderful taste that many people love. But if you’re the type of person that wants to go on a diet without these sweets, then change your dessert into the darker variation of it.

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Dark chocolate is known to make you feel better just like the usual chocolate, and this has properties that can make you stick to your diet as it can remove your cravings which is perfect for beginners in weight loss.

  • Beans


These are very cheap food that everyone loves to eat, including the rich people. This became favored by many because of its rich protein content which you will surely need when you go exercising, and it’s also rich in fiber which is perfect for slow digestion. This will make you feel a lot fuller than before rather than eating pizza which we can munch down no matter how many it may be, plus expensive!

  • Apple


Apples are guaranteed to be the best for you if you happen to look for desserts while you’re not on your cheat day. Be sure to choose the actual fruit rather than substitutes like juices because this can control your appetite and this can make you really full as it contains some water which we really need everyday especially when on a diet.

This fruit is also known to have lots of fiber which is perfect for your diet, and for making your whole body clean aside from the water content that it has. This is also perfect for those who love to chew some food, and it’s really taste which is why it’s favored by many people as well.

  • Nuts

Collection of nuts

This is known to be a good pre and post workout food, and it’s also known to be favored by many people who want to diet. There are lots of nuts that you can choose such as almonds, walnuts, or the usual peanut that we love. This is also known to have the right amounts of nutrients that people need so that they will get full and filled with energy, and it lessens appetite.

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  • Soup (of any kind!)


There are lots of soups that you can choose from, whether it may have lots of foods inside or just plain soup, and these are known to be the best for those who want to lose weight as it can make you full. These are also known to be natural products especially if you happen to know a recipe that’s filled with the right ingredients.

Soups are known to be very nice to eat, and it can make you feel lively as well. So be sure to choose the right soup for your diet, and be sure to choose broth soups as well so that you will be able to have the right amount of calories.

If you want to know what to eat before a workout, then remember that these are the best foods that you should take before you start learning how to perform the best exercise for weight loss because your diet will be ruined if you keep on exercising while eating sinfully because of the taste flavors that most foods have.

These five are the most favored, and if you happen to have suggestions, be sure to leave a comment so that we can add more tips for your diet!






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