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For today’s world of technology and gadgets, you are drown with the idea that internet plays a big role in your life. Internet allows you to do things you are not able to do instantly. You can communicate with someone miles away with just a touch of second, and what is one of the most beneficial thing about internet?




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You can express and release your feelings without shouting to the world and throwing vases and mugs when you are angry, or you can’t die like a fool laughing alone around your room when you are choking in happiness.

With that being said blogging and posting as an internet concept, aids human sickness and tiredness about the real world. People tend to be a lot more active when doing their own thing of course – the thing they desire to do. How could this stuff be more enjoyable?

The Possible Benefits

  • Blog posts schedule for ease

One of the easiest ways to express one’s thoughts and feeling is through blogging. There have been several blog sites over the internet that falls under different categories. Blogging is a well-known thing to internet users.

Blog posts

A good point about this today is that you can surely post your blog according to your desired time with ease and no worries because now, you can schedule blog posts without actually saving it as a draft. There is now a schedule button to which you can specify the date and time you want you blog to be posted.

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  • Facebook Posts

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Prior to this is the most known website by the internet users – Facebook. Facebook, being one of the most popular websites that give convenience to the users will surely be demanded to have the same feature. But the problem arises, how to schedule posts on Facebook? Well, there are several publishing platforms that can answer this question. These content publishing platforms depend on what kind of CMS you are using or working on. So it is your eagerness to how to deal with it.

  • Why are you encouraged to schedule Facebook posts?

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Most of the time you are in front of your computer and you are not able to clearly think what to post or something. Ironically when you’re not, for some weird reasons, your brain tends to be very active enough that you drown with thoughts, ideas, and everything. The thing is that you are not able to determine the right timing for all this. Hence, it is quite advisable for you to have the plans for the right timing. And with that being said, you can schedule posts on Facebook.

  • Post timing

Posts for Facebook and blogs on blog sites can be very deceiving as well when the timing hits the wrong track. What does it really mean when I say ‘post timing’? For a large number of internet users and bloggers, you are not really sure if your blog post or Facebook promoted posts are able to reach your target audience, of course not literally. It is because your blog can be overtaken by other bloggers.

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For one specific example, I, as an internet user, tend to be more active at nighttime because I can find peace and serenity night. The most probable thing to happen, and the most usual, I can finish my blog very late at night or worse almost 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. My target audiences are usually students so I am destroyed of the fact that they are not able to at least give a glance at my work just because my posts were sunk to the farthest pages. It is overtaken by the other bloggers.

  • Differences in Time Zone

One more thing about putting your Facebook posts and blog posts on schedule is the fact that we are of different time zones. In case you are going to post a blog which your target audience is from other country, then most probably you have the different time zones. What if you are busy this our but it is the peak hour of internet use in that certain country?

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You might perhaps lose the opportunity to show your audience your new posts and you will be worrying again about your posts being overtaken by the other bloggers. So, the most effective thing to do is to schedule your posts, depending on the desired date and time with ease and no further worries.

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