Lifi – Be Ready To Enjoy New Internet Speed Hundred Times Faster...

Lifi – Be Ready To Enjoy New Internet Speed Hundred Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

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Technology has been growing at a phenomenal speed these days. What could be more valid proof for this than an LED light bulb it’s being able to provide data transmission facility at the rate of 224 gigabytes per second? It is shocking, isn’t it?

Welcome to the new-age era of Li-Fi – this will use VLC (Visible Light Communication) technology to transmit data at a speed that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. With this technology, now, our LED light bulbs will only give us effective lighting solutions at our homes and offices, but will also provide us with incredible internet speeds, through which, we can do our work far more effectively than our current rate.


Launch and technology behind it


It was way back in 2011 that Li-Fi technology was launched by Harald Haas from Edinburgh University, Scotland. He came up with the new concept that the flickering of LED light bulbs can be used to transmit data at amazing speeds.

He proved his technology by fitting a microchip to an LED bulb. Once the LED light bulb flickered, data transmission that happened in a second was many times higher than what an entire tower could provide. He realized that he had the potential to create a revolution in the internet world and has been actively propagating this concept since then.





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