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There are a multitude of reasons why you need to supplement with antioxidants. The benefits of these agents of health and wellness has been documented and proven by science repeatedly. There’s a good reason why more and more people are hopping the antioxidant wagon, most of it has to do with its links to anti-aging and wrinkle removal. If you don’t want to advance your aging, then you should definitely enjoy the benefits of antioxidants.

You do need antioxidant supplementation for your diet because oxidants are the kind of chemicals that make apples and bananas overripe and rot altogether. It’s one of those chemicals that facilitate aging, so to have antioxidants that block their aging effects will enable you to at least temporarily slow the hands of time. Many people don’t know what antioxidants are and what they’re capable of doing to your body. Here’s the lowdown for those who aren’t in-the-know.

Why Should You Get Antioxidant Supplementation?


  • Vitamins and Natural Compounds:

Free radicals are the oxidant molecules that are considered the major cause of degenerative diseases and aging in particular, so you need the help of anti-free-radicals, or antioxidants in the form of natural compounds and vitamins to get rid of these substances. The best antioxidant foods assist in making sure that your body is free of these highly reactive agents that are synthesized even during occurrences of (oxidative) stress or consuming food containing high fructose corn syrup.

Free radical attacks are (and can only be) mitigated by antioxidants and nothing else. Whenever metal rusts or an apple rots, it’s because of oxidation. In order for your body to not become like a rotting apple or a rusting metal bar from the inside out, you need to consume foods with antioxidants. That is a necessity. Among studied food, the ones with the highest antioxidant rankings are blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries.

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  • Longevity Experts Agree:

Healthy Life

Longevity experts can vouch in the efficacy of antioxidants when it comes to reducing, mitigating, or outright removing free radicals in your body so that aging and degeneration doesn’t prematurely happen. Sure, aging is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should “fast-forward” it. There are many benefits of healthy eating, particularly when it comes to the non-berry, vegetable antioxidant sources such as Russet potatoes, artichokes, and beans.

If you want to avoid Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, then you should also avoid having a strong and widespread instance of antioxidant deficiency. There are many sources of oxidative stress you should combat with these daily servings of antioxidant food. You should have a whole Gala apple or Plum, half a cup of black beans, one whole Russet potato, one whole black plum, one cup sweet cherry, an ounce of pecan, one whole Granny Smith apple, one whole red delicious apple, or one cup strawberry.

  • Other Food Servings to Choose from and Things to Avoid:

Different fruit and vegetables

You can also maximize your anti-oxidation resources by ingesting daily half a cup of dried small red bean, a cup of wild blueberries, half a cup of dried red kidney bean, half a cup of pinto bean, a cup of cultivated blueberries, one cup of hearts of cooked artichoke, half a cup of prunes, or a cup of raspberry. You should also avoid having poor nutritional content from factory-farmed produce.

Your produce should be organically grown so that the nutritiousness of the resulting fruits (and vegetables) of someone else’s labor wouldn’t be wasted on preservatives, chemical pesticides, and unnatural fertilizer. Less nutritious food has come about thanks to modern, streamlined agriculture. There have been declines in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and protein—in short, antioxidants—from crop because of farmer desperation to increase yields while sacrificing the quality of the resulting produce.

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  • Other Toxins that Can Cause Oxidative Stress:


People can end up losing hair and getting wrinkles earlier not only through a high-stress life or through a sedentary one. The environment has been suffering due to an increased level of water and air toxins, but the sadder part is that when Mother Nature is harmed, so are we. Your body is getting free radical damage exactly because of pollution and factory chemicals.

Environmental toxins from household products you buy can contribute to your free radical “poisoning”, degeneration, and premature aging. You can get toxic damage from air fresheners, laundry detergents, paint, cleaning solutions, personal care products, and so forth because they contain toxic chemicals that can trigger free radical formation, especially if you don’t combat them with some much needed antioxidant doses. UV or ultraviolet rays from the sun is also damaging to your skin and involves free radical formation.






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