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The mind is indeed a complex organ of the body. It has the capacity to alter the mood of a person and even has the potential to making things doable and possible so long as the mind is able to conceive on it. Most inventions and discoveries made by the top leading scientists and innovators have been considered to be absurd and ridiculous until after the benefits and uses have been reaped out of these modern innovations.




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Indeed, who knows the possibility of the power of the mind to create the currently unthinkable and the impossible? For all the know, idea of landing in the moon was a very preposterous idea until some pioneers have set it in their minds that such can be considered very possible and doable.

It is indeed true that we have only applied a minimal percentage of our brain’s capacity. While there are people who claim to be clairvoyant or psychic, such is still a body of knowledge that is, as of now, considered to be a gray area. Here are a few tricks that your mind is capable of doing without even you knowing. Such actions that have been employed by your mind have a radical effect on the environment that you are in.

Things you need to know about your mind:

  • The mind protects

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One of the first facts that you may not have known about your mind is that it has the ability to protect yourself from the external stimulus which could possible harm you. Don’t you know that when your body is under the sun’s extreme exposure, your mind has the capability to make your skin darker upon it cell generation. This will then lessen the harmful effects of the sun to your body.

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  • The mind adjusts

mind adjusts

Other fact that you have to be aware of of your mind is that the mind is also capable of allowing the body to adjust easily to a certain skill or ability that you have just began to learn. Such can be seen in the dexterity of our fingers when we are just about learning to play a particular musical instrument through the mind map template. If the mind has fine-tuned the dynamics involved in playing a certain musical instrument, it can create more techniques as to various ways your fingers strum to the instrument.

  • The mind shuts down… on purpose

mind shuts down

Moreover, in efforts to protect itself from the situation, the mind also has the capacity to shut itself from the outside environment. We may not know of it but people who are neurotically ill such as those who are in a catatonic state, have allowed their minds to be temporarily “put on hold” until they are emotionally and mentally strong enough to adjust to the situation.

Never underestimate emotionally ill people who are just “in a daze” because you would gape in awe of how still complex and intricate their mind works just so to protect itself from further mental breakdown.

  • The mind conjures other personalities

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It is also quite an enigma that the mind has even the aptitude to create a whole new personality out of the individual in which it resides in. One can do this through free mind mapping. People with “dual personalities” are the result of how the mind attempts to protect itself from the potential dangers from the outside environment that it may be susceptible with.

To illustrate, a person having a naturally weak personality compels the brain to create a whole new persona out of that individual, which preferably has a strong personality to compensate for his original personality. This “created persona” may be triggered by conditions that would require the individual to be more aggressive. Consider the infamous story of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.

  • The mind heals

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Finally, the mind can even heal you. A fascinating concept about the mind is that it can influence the condition of your body to actually becoming well from a particular sickness. A good example of this can be extracted from the idea of a “placebo pill”. Most doctors have applied this method and have given their patients water which their patients consider as a medication. Most results have shown they have actually received relief from their ailment by just drinking the said “medication”.

You can better understand it by particularly knowing the very definition of what particularly is the very definition of what is a mind map. This is basically trying to figure out which role in that particular part of your brain that performs a particular cognitive function.






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