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Nowadays, with the in-demand smart phones under various prices, there are lots of people that felt convenient already because surfing the internet, feeling entertained, and even playing games took a whole new level. There are lots of people that heavily rely on the internet and the convenience of these computer-like phones because of its features and the prices that people can afford no matter how cheap of expensive it may be.




Social Media and Network Icons

There are lots of apps to choose for your android whether you can use them to communicate with people, while some even use this for the sake of feeling entertained and informed in its own ways. These applications are guaranteed to be extremely useful as it can provide you both information and fun in various ways thanks to the company’s ideas.

There are lots of top free android apps that you will surely love to install on your gadget because these apps are known to be either very useful and/or entertaining to the point where many people can relate in using it. These apps are guaranteed to be the best, and take note that some of them are free ever since they came out of the web. Here are the most popular android apps:


This is the best app that you can ever get in Android because it’s simply Facebook. This is a social media application that has Facebook in it for you to log in using your account for you to post things that you got on the web or in real life, take pictures and post it there instantly, and even chat with friends or comment to their posts.


This is an app that will never lose its touch when it comes to every people that love to browse the internet, and for sure you will love the way where the features are as convenient as its original browser version.

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Twitter is known to be a social media that’s for posting statuses and a few pictures in a real time manner. This means that you use this app to update most of the things that you see, or if you just feel like sharing things to your followers. This is also known to be one of the best android apps that younger generations prefer since they can communicate effectively in here.


If you happen to love entertainment, then be sure to download YouTube because it’s more convenient than the browser version if you’re using mobile gadgets. This is a site that lets you watch various videos, or for you to make your own video by using your phone’s camera and posting it instantly. You can also talk to other channels with this app.

Modern YouTube Icon

This app is connected to other social media apps for you to start sharing some things that you just watched, or you can just get the links so that you can share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Candy Crush

The most popular puzzle game is known to be one of the coolest apps that you can get from Android. This is a game where you need to break candies by paring two or more similar candies beside each other. This can also let you get some special candies such as the striped candy, and even some items such as the lollipop hammer.

candy crush

This is a game that’s loved by many ages, and is a well known application that people love to get. Many people have downloaded this game, and take note that this game has beaten a video game company already in terms of sales thanks to the addictive game elements of Candy Crush!


If you happen to love discounts, and other deals from others services that you can get locally or internationally, but want to do this in a very convenient way or through the internet, then be sure to download Groupon. This is one of the best free android apps that you can get if you happen to love purchasing things.

Groupon Website

This will let you get a coupon just by paying online, and then all you need to do is to start using the coupon on the store to get what you want. This is a very convenient way to secure your money, and for you to purchase in a very safe way.

Rest assured that these top five most useful android apps will make your gadget complete. Take note that these are only five of the best apps, and there are many more popular ones that you can also download for free. If you want to know more apps, be sure to leave a comment for us to know more about what you need to learn from us!






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