The Top 100 Things To Do Before You Die


There have always been things which everyone wants to accomplish before they go to their graves. It can be something as simple as learning a musical instrument or anything as difficult as touring all the continents of the world and living life to the fullest. Whatever is the reason, there has always been this intense desire in every one of us to fulfill each of these wants and tick them off their bucket list. Let’s take a look at the top 100 things you can get to include in your bucket list and do before you die-

  1. Skydive

Skydiver falls through the air

Have you ever needed to jump out of the sky, just like that and feel the breeze and wind as you tumble thousands of feet down the atmosphere against gravity? Well, if you hadn’t had the chance yet, now is the time to go for it. Go ahead and practice that leap of faith and feel the adrenaline rush on your face as you free fall at a speed close to the terminal velocity. Do keep your safety in mind though, as a huge amount of risk is involved as well.

  1. Eat Dinner In The Sky

Eat Dinner In The Sky

Normal people eat their food on a chair or couch. Well, we are normal, but have you ever thought what if the chair or the couch was in the sky? With nothing below you, but thin air and birds flying around and feeding them to pets? This is once in a lifetime venture that should necessarily be on your bucket list. The trend is new. So gear up for a food galore at a few hundred feet up in the air and eating in suspended chairs and tables, that’s worth making a memory.

  1. Swim With Dolphins

Happy beautiful young girl laughs and swims with dolphins in blu

If you are feeling terribly depressed without anyone else, don’t think and brood any further, but go for a swim with the dolphins. Dolphins are fascinating animals and a swim with these guys has been popular since the 1980s and the 1990s. You can have a satisfying experience with swirling, dancing, hugging and kissing together, but be careful of injuries and any other associated risks. The charges are around $75 to $200 per person for each session.

  1. Take A Cruise

Cruise ship.

Cruises can be very expensive for a lot of people. However, they are also available for as cheap as $75 per day. Cut a break from your daily workload and go for a vacation with your friends and families across the seas and the oceans. Depending on your location, there is a plethora of opportunities available to you to cruise across the blue water, just relaxing back and letting go of all your worries and stress. A perfect Carribean lifestyle for a recreation.

  1. Take a Photo with an Animal

Take a Photo with an Animal

This is something which is extremely feasible and possible for most of the people. Animals are innocent creatures until and unless you provoke them. Adopt a pet and spend your time together, take photos together like partners in crime. If you want something bigger, go to a national park or tourist destination and get yourself clicked with a tiger, a boa snake, octopus or even tarantulas. Some chimpanzees and orangutans love being clicked with humans. Ancestral blood flows through. Sounds crazy, but oh well, smile for the camera, everybody’s looking at you.

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  1. I want to have real good sex with 10,000 women before i freaking die. that’s just me and it’s my life and not yours

  2. do not die poor. that’s my humble opinion. technically, it means that the number 1 thing to do before death is to work hard and make money

  3. only if wishes were horses. my sincere wish is that i would take pictures with lions before i die. any hint on this?


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