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December 31 is fast approaching and you might be thinking already what you’ll do on that day before 2015. Some people might be checking their resolutions that they’ve made before the year started (some might have forgotten already) and hoping they might have done even one in the list.




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Maybe, others are also already preparing their own ‘bucket lists’ for the next year or listing down things of what they’ll do to celebrate the coming of another year.

Paying small but go out Big

If you’re one of those making that list and don’t want to spend big, here are 10 more ideas to add on that list of things to do on New Year’s Eve.

  • ‘Inner Circle’ Party

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If you don’t prefer the noise and the crowd of strangers, arrange a party for you closest family and friends or your inner circle. You could small portions of food and enjoy each other’s company; you could even discuss and reflect what happened the whole year and jot down a few things you would like to change.

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  • ‘Popcorn’ party


Rather than chugging booze and getting a hangover you’ll regret before the year ends. Here’s one of the many New Year’s Eve party ideas out there; How about celebrating it watching a few flicks that might inspire you to forget what happened this year (like that break up) and the next year means a fresh start. It’s just right in the budget with renting a few DVDs and popping popcorns. Add some tissues with that.

  • Family Cookout

Man and child  with hotdog.

If you and you’re family like cooking, it’s a great time to invite also other families and even close friends and try a cooking competition while waiting. You’ll both enjoy the company, food and it’s cheaper than throwing a big one on your own.

  • Kid’s Party

Kids Party design template.

Organize or ask people in the neighbourhood to unite and rent play sets like trampolines and inflatable slides for the kids (and kid at heart) in your area. It’s also cost efficient cause you won’t be renting them on your own. You could share the food for the party also. It might be a great excuse to let that inner kid in you out!

  • ‘Live stream’ Party

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Annual traditions are also celebrated in different places like the ‘Ball Dropping’ in time’s square New Year’s Eve famous annual tradition in the Big Apple; there’s also the New Year’s Eve Seattle annual Fireworks display (known to be one of the best in the country). All these events are broadcasted and can be viewed via live stream. If you are a bit low in budget to really fly out or go to those places or not up with the crowd, you could just get together with your family and friends and set up a large screen or TV; Free from hassle and very convenient.

  • ‘BYOF’ Party


Get together with your friends ad have a ‘Bring Your Own Firecrackers’ Party! Ask them to bring one and once the clock strikes 12, light them up. You could even make it into a competition if who brought the best or loudest.

  • Travel to a New Place


A new year could be a new place also. You could already go online now and look for cheap or discounted airfare rates to places you’ve been dreaming to go to (like Paris or Tokyo). It’s checking just one more thing from your bucket list before the year ends.

  • Give Freely

Catering food table set decoration

Gather old clothes or things that could still be used and give to a homeless shelter; or go to a soup kitchen and share some of your party food (there will be something to spare for sure) and even help out in distributing to them.

  • Go on Broadway

Crowd of fans at a concert

Splurge a little or book ahead tickets and watch one on the night before. Go out alone or with the whole gang, and enjoy a good show before the year ends.

  • Church going

Catholic church interior view. Alba, Italy.

A time for reflection and thanking the Almighty for another year; Churches organize Year-end celebrations you could go to and they even offer a luncheon or dinner for you and your family. It would be best to also make those resolutions there for the next year; making one is never easy and you’ll need the help you could get.

Be Present

Happy new year 2015! New year design template Vector illustration

Lastly, be there. Physically and also mentally present. Take it all in. Enjoy every moment and cherish it.

There are more things to do on New Year’s Eve out there, what could you add to this list? Post it on the below comments.






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